Unique, women-only car safety rally in Bangalore

A unique, women-only car rally was organised by the Ficci Ladies Organisation and the Karnataka Motor Sports Club as part of a safety campaign on Sunday.

The rally began near Tata Motors, Whitefield, and covered a distance of 80 km, before ending at Yelahanka. The aim of the rally was to emphasise on safety.

“Most people do not understand the concept of a rally at all,” said Rati Dhandhania Mundrey, chairperson, Ficci Flo. “It is not about speed. A road rally is traversed over public roads within the legal speed limit. The challenge was to drive on time, arriving at points along the route neither early nor late.”

The Bangalore rally tested participants’ skills in areas including speed limit on highways and navigating on tricky stretches. Meghana Chugh and Pooja Bathiya were the winners of the rally.