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TVS Pep - Top of the Peps


Under the bridge shimmer some poor decisions that TVS has made. Relevant instance: they first handed me a Pep at the bottom of a hill. You never, ever, hand a power-hungry moto-journo a 75cc putterette and have the first odo miles roll on uphill. That's just bad karma. Much to my surprise, it handled well and felt as perky as a frappe - not quite espresso doppio, but not lukewarm water either. I liked it. Zip forward a short interval in time, and I surprised myself on our long term Pep, taking out Activas around the outside and in wet corners. I loved it, then.

So obviously, the maximum anticipation in TVS' new trio for me, is the Pep+. It looks roughly the same as the old one, with a zany new dotted pattern '3D sticker,' and new paint on the speedo. But under the plastic curves is a 90cc engine. We're getting serious, are we? A wider bore allows the scooter to make 5 bhp, and there's been a boost to the torque as well. The result is that Preity Zinta will wobble no longer when she zips off in the new Pep+ ads. The TVS chaps said that while the Pep+ remains as girlie as transportation gets, it's new age. Like the determined, driven new breed of skintight T-shirt wearing, hipster flaunting PYT's, the Pep+ now has teeth. Er... that didn't quite come out the way I planned it. Anyway, TVS claims the same acceleration as the Activa to 60 kph (the Pep is significantly easier on the scales) and the earlier top speed has gone up by 2 kph.   But the acceleration is just one of the plot lines in the story. The Pep remains ever-serene. It is as refined as a British Royal, has only good vibes, a reassuring note and completely seamless power delivery. Roll on the throttle, and reflections in the glossy paint change in a not-hurried, lazy-neither rhythm. Likeable, even. TVS has effectively taken the best of the Pep, and given it a bit more power. Just what the lady doctor ordered, then.

With consideration for our new-age anorexic young riders, TVS also added a mobile charger and courtesy lights in the underseat storage ('Er... where's that damn lipstick' days are gone, honey). And while we're in the dark, TVS is patenting their 'glow ring,' a band of plastic that glows, so you always know where to insert the key, with no fumbling. Also being patented is TVS' clever little centre stand that requires you only to breathe on the lever, and the Pep+ does the rest. No more snide looks from parking lot attendants. The effervescent Pep+ can be yours for Rs 32,000 (ex-showroom Pune). Go on, buy her one. It won't be a bad decision. Just like TVS' Pep introduction wasn't.