Toyota uses Oculus Rift to highlight distracted driving dangers

Toyota has launched TeenDrive365 driving simulator with Oculus Rift for its safety initiative to educate people on the dangers of distracted driving. Whether adults or teens, the real time virtual reality technology will demonstrate several risks involved while driving. Teendrive365 puts you behind the wheel of a stationary Toyota car, wherein you put on the Oculus Rift headset and are get engaged in a virtual reality driving experience. The simulation creates a 3-dimensional sight and also generates sounds of a busy city street. The objective is to drive carefully and safely using the car’s steering wheel and pedals, while navigating a series of common distractions, including traffic noises, the radio, text messages and virtual friends who occupy the passenger and back seats. Losing focus will make you experience the consequences of distracted driving within the virtual setting. But hopefully you’ll come away a little wiser about what it takes to be safe behind the wheel.

“Oculus Rift provides a virtual reality driving experience that mirrors real life behind the wheel, giving us a powerful, one-of-a-kind way to show parents and teens how everyday distractions can affect their ability to drive safely,” states Marjorie Schussel, Corporate Marketing Director, Toyota, “This is just the latest example of how we’re helping teens and parents become safer drivers together through our ongoing TeenDrive365 initiative.” The Teendrive365 has 360 degree head tracking through which every slight movement of the head is tracked in real time to create a natural experience. Oculus Rift creates a 3D view with real life-like depth and scale by providing almost 100 degree field of view. To add to the experience, RealSpace 3D Audio projects enhanced sound with pinpoint accuracy of all the elements in the virtual world.

Source : CarDekho