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  Tuesday, Dec 01, 2015
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Toyota Etios vs Suzuki Swift Dzire Shout!
Its lightweight and quite wicked. But is the Etios the perfect family car? Rohin Nagrani finds out
By : Rohin Nagrani | Published : December 25, 2010 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji
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Toyota Etios VX
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'It reminds me of the Maruti Esteem”. I distinctly remember the comment from one of our judges during the 2011 BSM COTY evaluation, after driving the Toyota Etios. At that point, I figured what the Etios was, because prior to that, I was trying hard to find a parallel or a thought process behind the car. And that one phrase perfectly summed it up.

Most of you are already talking about it as a jazzed up, new-gen Renault Logan from Toyota, and I assure you that you are not wrong. It’s designed to look simple, with straightish panels and fairly bland overtones. The rear seat is large and comfortable and the trunk is huge (I can’t think of any sedan, with its rear seat in place, that has a larger boot than this). Yet, there’s so much that has gone into the Etios that I can’t help but wonder what went through the minds of countless Japanese and Indian engineers in 2006, when the car was first conceived.

In fact, this car is late by a good four years. Toyota originally planned to have its small car for India by 2006, and in a lengthy cover article in a leading business magazine in 2000, they chalked out their India plans post-Qualis and explicitly mentioned its plans of an India-specific car in ’06. But Toyota seemed to put it on the back burner for one reason or the other and it’s only today, at the fag-end of 2010, that the car has finally seen the light of day.

All along, the benchmarks for Toyota changed. The Esteem became history, and in its place came the Suzuki Dzire and the Mahindra Renault Logan — an ideal car for India that has suffered because of joint-venture issues. Both these cars defined the concept of the entry-level sedan, and Toyota observed them keenly. In fact, in an interaction with a senior TKML executive a year ago, he mentioned in more than just passing that the Logan did influence the path of the Etios.

The true competition for the Etios, at least in the numbers game, is the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. Maruti, for the last two years, seems to be running overtime, trying to squeeze out every second of efficiency from their overworked production plants to churn out at least one Dzire more than the previous day. Yet, there is a waiting period for India's largest selling sedan. And now, the Etios threatens to turn the tables on it, but can it?
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  Posted by Roadstar at 22nd March,2012
The car Toyota etios is selling only bcos of its suffix....its only the name toyota that attracts the Indian buyers...Otherwise the car wud share the same fate as logan. The car, with such huge competition in Indian market....has a 6month waiting does not need an introduction. And with its new model on road...nothing stands close.
  Posted by venkatesh murthy at 15th March,2012
definately the new swift dzire has better interiors and reasonabaly priced
  Posted by Umesh at 6th January,2012
True compitition feel maruti is still a better option
  Posted by SANDEEP SINGH at 28th November,2011
  Posted by aniket at 21st June,2011
All Maruti Suzuki cars are CRAMPED Except the new Wagon R & the SX4
  Posted by Kinny at 19th April,2011
Etios was disappointing. One could easily compromise on Interior Plastic quality but not on engine vibration on steering wheel, Air con being not effective is Sun (Afternoon)
  Posted by sidheeq at 27th March,2011
it was nice one.iam also the owner of etios.iam very proud to buy this car.
  Posted by PawanP at 26th March,2011
Both looks ugly in this modern world of 2011.
  Posted by guglu thakur at 22nd March,2011
This is the first good impartial practical review on these two cars.Otherwise most of the other sites reviews are deliberately biased towards japenese cars.
  Posted by Daljit at 22nd March,2011
I earlier planned to buy dzire but i changed ma mind when i test ride Etios. The start is smooth and pickup time is awesum bcoz of 1425cc advance tech engine.Dzire got 1200cc same engine which was used in Ritz checkout the spec section mileage is bit more dan Dzire. The product by japanese are alwaz appreciated around the world no doubt they wont give any chance to there proud customers.
  Posted by Anirudh at 16th March,2011
I test drove the Etios VX version yesterday and being an owner of a Maruti Suzuki Dzire (Diesel top model) I can safely say that Etios needs a lot of improvement over its interiors, features and engine insulation. Why would anyone go with Etios when it has so little to offer? Indians would never buy a car which just gives them a 2 inch extra leg space but no other extra features. My verdict: DZire better than Etios BIGTIME
  Posted by Santosh at 16th March,2011
Hi, I test drove an Etios VX today - the positive are - very responsive engine, beats the Maruti SX4. Loads of space everywhere - the boot is cavernous, rear seats have ample leg room front seats are comfortable. The a/c is powerful and does is not a drag on the engine. The negatives: The cabin needs more insulation - there is considerable engine noise that can be heard inside. The interiors could have been better - why is the speedo and and tacho placed in the middle - very odd and hard to see - also looks cheap. Should have stuck to the conventional dials behind the steering wheel. Overall - a good car that can be really good if Toyota does something about the sound mainly, and revamp the interiors. Cheers, Santosh Bangalore
  Posted by seetharam at 13th March,2011
toyota world leader in cars which are recalled every month in US due to strict Govt authorities for using unsafe chinese parts in Prius, camry etc.Same way the discontinued Echo model from malysia and Indonesia has resurface in India by hiring automrdia to creat hype as this is a new car designed specially for India which is a ballant lie from Toyota
  Posted by R Rangarajan at 10th March,2011
ETiOS is the best. I think Aveo or Dzire are only a piece of junk. Dzire is Suzuki while Aveo is Chevy,and ETiOS is Toyota,a Japanese company and still so solid! However,Dzire and Aveo have better interior quality than ETiOS.
  Posted by ashwani paul at 9th March,2011
i think Dzire is worst car
  Posted by Car Crazy at 17th February,2011
Etios is very poor product. The base model of is so bad that once you test drive that, you will never consider buying this car. Most of the dealership have low-end version for test drives. Interiors are the worst and engine noise does not help either. This car needs some serious re-work.
  Posted by m.harshanth at 16th February,2011
etios is simply superb
  Posted by SP at 9th February,2011
I think Dzire is best..I wont agree with the comments from any of the TATA models.frankly speaking TATA is a very big failure in designing the car interior parts even for their top end SAFARI Dicor.I have a dezire and Safari Dicor. TATA is using very cheap plastic inside for front panel running board etc even Dezire have better than that which cost half the rate of safari. The same feel was their for the ETIOS interior. One thing i will agree is about the tremendous leg space.Inshort Toyota disspointed me... :(
  Posted by Wadimati at 8th February,2011
To me, Manza is the best in this segment. spots VGT diesel and a VVT Petrol engines, a Fiat gearbox and all the goodies a European entry level car can give including safety. Toyota is lighter - means fragile(euro NCAP test stars are to be given if they call it safer).Swift hatch is of course good but the sedan looks ugly, service cost of swift is really high compared to Vista(my sister has a swift VDi and me has a vista aura+)
  Posted by govind at 7th February,2011
Toyota has sacrificed safety in all respects to make and sell etios to Indians .check of thickness of bonnetb side dooe sheetmetals and rear boot one will beshocked to see thae thinnest ever metal used for construction .donot ever buy this car toyota has started cheating in India now
  Posted by vijay at 5th February,2011
guys, pls see for your self. Etios has veryvery poor interior,...rather worst than Maruti 800. Dezire deisel has very smooth ride and interior is nice. but personally i may not go for both... my take is vento or Honda City.
  Posted by S Ghosh at 29th January,2011
With the advent of Etios the commercial advertisement for Dzire has started. It has been threatened. This says all about the Etios
  Posted by vikhyat at 26th January,2011
dzire rocks
  Posted by shivam at 23rd January,2011
Toyota etios is surely more spacious than dzire and the interiors are also ok. so i go with the etios
  Posted by bhupinder singh at 11th January,2011
when the toyato etios deisel model will launch
  Posted by ketty at 11th January,2011
Etios with worst interior and very unergonomic. Manza is far far better and Dezire is way better than etios
  Posted by rajesh ghungarde at 6th January,2011
Toyata Etios interiors are very dull
  Posted by Ashok Nair at 2nd January,2011
Did you ever wonder that in spite of superb success (by any definition of auto sales in the world) of entry level sedan Swift Dzire in India, Suzuki never dared to introduce Swift Dzire as sedan even in any other third world country, where they sell Swift?
  Posted by mukund at 2nd January,2011
etios is too little and too late.. is awful... engine very short on refinement...if only space and ride is the criteria indigo manza would beat it hands down..dzire is definitely the best among the 3...wait for the next gen dzire to rule supreme
  Posted by Shubhrav at 30th December,2010
I feel that the Suzuki Swift is the best car in this segment. As this is the best selling sedan in India and as the saying is 'Wise People Think Alike' and those who buy the Dzire are the wise guys.
  Posted by SPS at 29th December,2010
It's Better to wait for 6 months for Etios to enjoy ride for next 6 years instead of buying full ripe tomamto today
  Posted by Doc at 28th December,2010
I think the Etios will be a game-changer for Toyota in India. The torque figure of 13.6 and the Toyota badge clinches it...wonder why they took so long to bring it in! Doc
  Posted by veeru at 28th December,2010
Etios is the one to go for.. the kerb weight.. torque, power figures are simply superb. Space & brand Toyota clinches the deal. Dzire doesn't even come close. I would say that Manza is much better than Dzire for a sedan.
  Posted by R.N.VERMA at 28th December,2010
i think ETIOS is a better & wonder choice for those who like familier and comfertable is better than SWIFT DZIRE; and B+ segment.
  Posted by Shashikant at 27th December,2010
Why is Manza and Logan missing in the road test? I still believe that Manza is much better product than Etios, Dzire & Logan.
  Posted by pradeep vats at 27th December,2010
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