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  Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
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Toyota Etios Review - Finally!
Driving the car Toyota has engineered specifically for us - the Etios!
By : Srinivas Krishnan | Published : November 27, 2010 | Photos : Srinivas Krishnan
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It’s been four years in the making. It has made the second-largest automotive manufacturer in the world go back to the drawing board again and again. It has made them do things they have never done before. At the end of it, Toyota has this to show, the Etios sedan (the hatchback follows next year). This is the car they have pinned their hopes on, to get the volumes in a country where car sales have been shooting through the roof.

While Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, Ford and even General Motors have accelerated their activities in the country, Toyota has been slow and late in bringing in a mass-market model.

But try telling them that and they say that they cannot be hurried. They set their own pace. Well, that comes out of some sort of confidence, I would say. It’s the same sort of confidence they had when they introduced the Qualis in the country — all of us knew it was a dated vehicle, but that did not stop us from buying it, right? Even though it was a dinosaur in automotive terms, it was the best machine in its category. So: is the Etios worth the wait? Let’s find out what the Toyota for India is all about.
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  Posted by jerry at 10th April,2012
its since more than a year and still people havent soled their Etios in mass when compared to the people commented them the worst. i too own a etios liva GD no problem so far.
  Posted by VH at 6th March,2012
Test drove it 4 days ago. Not worth it at all. Looks good from outside, but very under-featured. Worst of all, there is absolutely no foot space for the left leg. To get the left leg off the clutch and rest it on the floor, there is no space; your foot keeps colliding with the clutch on its way to the floor (esp if you wear slightly wide-fronted shoes like me). That was a deal-killer for me.
  Posted by Anil Sachdeva at 20th February,2012
Not a Worth. Never Ever Buy.. Toyota Kirloskar Motor, India is an unethical company. Once you buy this immature product, they will never listen you. Noise, Vibrations and Harshness (NVH) are at its worst. No Weather Gaskets are provided on all the four doors. Noise from the Friction of Road and Tyres enters the Cabin. Door Stuck, if you keep the vehicle stand for two days. I have the Top Model (VX), no auto locks are provided even in Top Model. The 5th wheel provided is non-alloy wheel which is nowhere mentioned. Poorly Designed Interiors. Only good thing is space. But just for space, spending this much amount is not worth. Not a True Toyota Product. Regards, Anil Sachdeva
  Posted by kajjam at 10th January,2012
Cool when it is going start and what are the dates.
  Posted by herbie at 30th November,2011
nice very nice and informing thank you
  Posted by vinesh Dahiya at 28th October,2011
Any One who wants to purchase Etos and Liva Petrol in Delhi Gurgaon and NCR for best deal contact Vinesh Dahiya 8860634596
  Posted by Aks78 at 27th June,2011
Can someone elaborate on the abnormal acceleration problem since I am planning to purchase Toyota Etios G Variant. Thanks
  Posted by ABHISHEK at 6th June,2011
  Posted by MyEtios at 25th May,2011
Etios fails to impress because of noise and vibrations from the engine caused due to poor quality of the engine and further reduction in the dampers used to suppress the sound and vibrations emanating from the Engine. The Toyota engine vibrates like a tractor Engine. Though it is Petrol emgine. Even the new 2011 Etios engines generate so high levels of Noise and Vibratios at 2000 km, which makes me think that what will be the levels of these vibrations and noise after 1 year and driving vehicle for more than 20000km. The noise and vibrations can also grow exponentially. If a new vehicle is producing irritating noise and vibrations then this will get worse with regular use of Etios because of road conditions and normal wear and tear and ageing of vehicle. One of the classic design flaw the gaskets are also removed In Etios which makes the dust and dirt trapped in between the door and body and also make room for lizards, insects, cockroaches etc to get inside the door and body and they
  Posted by Sunil Grover at 15th May,2011
DESIGN DEFECT: when you drink bottled water you seldom say good water... but when it tastes even a bit foul... you point it out. same story goes with etios... being from toyota you expect it to be bottled water... but it tastes foul........ most of the people don't notice it and te toyota quality control 'Q' must be aware of it and cause 'indians' will buy they prefered to let it go... the window glasses on driver and passenger doors while moving up expand the plastic housing and thereby lift the wipers upwards by about 4mmopening the 'lip' and exposing them dirt/water which accumulates... when you bring the glass down the dirt rubs against the glass and will eventually scratch it... i checked at various dealerships and vehicles being delivered... it is in all of them... A SERIOUS DESIGN DEFECT... the service people say it is NORMAL... obvious they have been instructed so as everything SELLS in india... many more defects which service people say NORMAL... may be some consumer court w
  Posted by vishwas at 22nd April,2011
Toyot has kept its promise that most of the cars had brake ,accelerator failure in US models .Now in India they are continuing the tradition of supplying china made Echo vehicle as Etios to fool india public.Try Manza or better Vento instead of buying etios stay away from this co.called toyota where in US they have been banned from selling Prius and certain models
  Posted by ND at 17th April,2011
Seems to be a mixed bag of comments. More in terms of expectations vs what was delivered. I have been using a "V" model since the past 1.5 months, driven @ 1000 kms, mileage of 14.5km/l (before the 1st service) in city driving, though the exterior seems light but still takes good care (as I went through it recently). To sum up, average looks & build, spacious family car, excellant mileage and a very capable city feel free to contact for any feedback.
  Posted by Roger at 9th April,2011
Thanks for the comments, Dropping the idea of buying this failied car model from Mr Toyota. Roger
  Posted by homi at 8th April,2011
I purchased an Etios VX March 2011 and I am not happy on the interiors and especially centralizing speedometer layout. I had to get the horn changed! Front mud flaps cannot be fitted due to the skirting fitted in VX models it seems that TOYOTA over looked this problem, at least VX models should come with company fitted mud flaps.
  Posted by ayush at 8th April,2011
TOYOTA ETIOS, one of the most fantastic car I have ever bought. I am using etios G since 2 months and hence having a thrilling experience.please buy it ossum car
  Posted by Aswin C at 8th April,2011
Initially i thougt etios ,a car launching from worlds biggest company toyota gonna really rock t indian market ..later wen i looked it and went for a test drive i was disappointed by t cheap interiors,centralized speedometers, poor quality of the seats,single wipper for t mirror,poor quality of t ac,and t ride wast soo cool,and the interiors especially t plastics used in doors and dashboars were disgusting t core.. POSITIVE ASPECTS the boot is really spacious wide space in t back seat,a sedan from toyota for this cheap rate .......... so my suggestion is to not to get impressed by the look or the brand please analyse it and test drive it....
  Posted by sanjay at 7th April,2011
I bought Etios and after driving it for 2 months I feel I made the biggest mistake in my life. I hear that it is an old and obsolete model of Toyota which it tried to launch in some other country without success. So guys watch out ! dont fall into the trap of the smart Toyota sales people and the glossy promotional activity of Toyota..
  Posted by saranya at 2nd April,2011
see i dont feel any negatives on this car.... this is perfectly designed for its if we need all things we must be ready to spend more 1 or 2 lakhs....on this sedan.... but considering budget in makes justice to its price
  Posted by Amol Tipnis at 31st March,2011
I purchased an Etios vx in Feb 2011 and am happy TILL DATE on its over all performance though I haven't found out its average as yet. Following are my observations which Toyota needs to take care off immediately: - 1) Only 1 Remote is provided per car which is not in lines with other car manufacturers. what if this only Remote fails to work? 2) A single horn provided cannot be heard on Highways / Expressways by other cars. It feels as if you are using a scooter horn. 3) Due to the skirting fitted as OE in vx models, front mud flaps cannot be fitted. It seems that TKL has never thought of this problem !! 4) There is no continuous plastic moulding on the upholstery once you open the door (on the running board) in the absence of this, this gets spoiled especially when children tend to climb and seat in the car. Hope all these points are now noticed and rectified by TKL since I had written to them almost a month back but TKL has not even bothered to revert !!
  Posted by divya at 29th March,2011
I am confused whether i should go for SX4 or etios... i test drive ethios.. sensed some problem with the AC, i felt only the fan is working... can anyone of the owners advice me on this???
  Posted by visaka hegde at 27th March,2011
I bought this car and totally dissapointed with performance and safety.Engine vibs are too much and mileage is below 10kms in Bangalore with 2nd and 3rd gear without a/c.Sheet metal is very thin .Prospective customers advised not to even test drive this cheeepo toyota
  Posted by samside at 25th March,2011
dont buy this this is so cheap quality
  Posted by ajmalpullani at 24th March,2011
i took etios v model in last was really disappointing with toyota etios,am getting only 12kmpl after compleating 1000km. while company offers 15-17kmpl, and i noticed an another problem that is problem of abnormal acceleration.totally my family is not at all satisfied with this family car.
  Posted by Minesh Patel at 23rd March,2011
i booked etios G model but when i read the comments then i change my plane and i plane for swift so please advice me which one is good for midal class family?
  Posted by agni at 16th March,2011
i booked etios G on 17th jan 2011 & got delivered on 9th march 2011.Its a nice car having very smooth running in 20km/h speed in 5th gear.Nice look m totally satisfied wid it if u r having low budget den you should go for ETIOS G
  Posted by Musthaq at 16th March,2011
I have seen & test drove the Etios. The car is amazing & hopefully it should go through the market. Diesel version should also be made available in Etios. But very much disappointed on the wating period (1 Year) which is tooooo long..... Can Toyota do sometinh on this?
  Posted by kavita adwani at 13th March,2011
i have booked etios G white colour on22dec 2010 when i will get the car
  Posted by Deepak at 8th March,2011
It looks it is Just remake of out dated Toyota Echo which is seen in the middle east
  Posted by Siva at 8th March,2011
I had checked out the Toyota Etios today, totally disappointed with its cheap interiors and plastics used.I donot think this car will make an impression with the Indian community.Its a sad story.Nothing special about this car except the brand \"Toyota\"
  Posted by Amol Bhave at 6th March,2011
I feel Toyota first cheep car
  Posted by Bhavna at 5th March,2011
Very very disappointed with the interiors... its plastic. Its door..its boot all are very light... like a metal paper.. Though no complaints while taking the test drive. Could we get more reviews from the buyers of this car.
  Posted by Praveen at 5th March,2011
I took Etios V model delivery on 19th January2011. Till Date I travelled around 2,400Km. I am totally disappointed with the Mileage factor. Their actual figure was about 17.6kmpl but I am getting not more than 13kmpl. I followed all their norms like 80kmph max, running maximum in top gear, removin leg on clutchetc.., Even though following all their \"driving practices\" the mileage remains the same. As told by sooraj Lal I am facing the same problem of abnormal acceleration. I have started experiencing Body sounds(Interior and exterior). I feel Toyota hasn\'t reached its mark. Also the after sales service is not Satisfactory as we expected. We also use Innova and we are completely satisfied by the service from Toyota. But in case of Etios the service managers are just trying to convince customers but not solving the problem. I feel Toyota has targeted making money from their brand value but not on satisfying the Customer. I feel I made a mistake buying Etios rather buying Verna.
  Posted by Jayanta at 25th February,2011
Dear Sooraj Lal For your information this car is only introduce in India not in USA
  Posted by Jayanta at 25th February,2011
I got delivery of Toyota Etios V model on 19th of Feb,11. I would mark interior as above average, but one should not compare this car with car costing more than 10L. I did not drive much but till date I have not notice too much noise in the cabin as it is complained by everybody. Regarding single wiper I find it very effective as it is design to clean driver side of the windshield completely which single wiper can not do. If you do not believe me go and test it at dealer. Car is amazing to drive as the engine is very smooth and responsive and suspension is also very soft. The car is coming with 1 lacks KM and 3 years warranty which ever is earlier. This is a good deal. Final verdict it is a "Sensible Choice"
  Posted by Sasanka Baruah at 24th February,2011
yes! its toyota again. Don,t go by hearsay or any funky cheap comments. Go and see the car, take a test drive and decide. With this price you should not expect cutting edge interior or else look beyond 10 L
  Posted by Pandian at 22nd February,2011
I am using Toyota Qualis for last 6 years, so i thought i can go for Etios and booked on 18,Dec itself, but no sign of any delivery in our jurisdiction. but getting lot of negative comments about car whoever is taken test drive, thinking of cancelling the booking....
  Posted by Sooraj Lal at 22nd February,2011
While taking the test ride I came to know that this Japanese manufacturer is facing the same problem of abnormal acceleration as they have encountered in USA in etios model also. While changing from second to first gear I experienced sudden rise in rpm from 1000 to 3000 and then back to normal if clutch remains half pressed. Some toyota technicals persons also attended the car but they tried to hide the subject and they were also inconclusive about the cause. They tried to stay silent because they are already facing humiliation in USA due to poor quality products and don't want a repetation of the same here also.
  Posted by SHYAM IBM at 19th February,2011
All people is waiting for the car ETIOS I am also waiting for the same just chek out If u realy want the car and having the budget.
  Posted by Ranjan at 18th February,2011
Since its toyota I had booked the car on DEC 10th blindly, but after talking test drive i was horribly disappointed because interiors are pathetic. I canceled my booking because after paying 8.2lakh it should not be like i repent every day when i sit in the car
  Posted by Rajiv Sharma at 15th February,2011
I have read a lot about poor interiors, single wiper, noisy engine, non-adjustable seats, centre console etc. Can I here something from the one who got delivery and is actually driving this car
  Posted by kalpesh hapani at 13th February,2011
i have booked the car on 19th DECEMBER when will i get the car boss, waiting period is too long man
  Posted by Neelesh at 12th February,2011
Fantastic exterior. No any car below 10 lac can give such superb dynamic exterior. Interior is disappointing but good milage, Toyota's brand name and fairly reasonable price makes it a best car in its segment. Best value for money. And who compare it with Logan???- Go n get your eyes checked.
  Posted by Snehal Patel at 3rd February,2011
Earlier I look for Swift Dzire but after having test drive of Itios, have booked it.
  Posted by Nowfal KM at 27th January,2011
Hi, I was planning to buy swift dzire VXI. After launching Etios, i would like to buy etios CAR. can anyone suggest me which one is better Swift Dzire VXI or Etios J. (Price is ok, both are almost similar, i want to compare the quality,mileage,comfortness)
  Posted by Sam at 24th January,2011
i compared other sedan with Toyota etios... the kerb weight is only 900Kg while other sedans are more than 1000Kg....i think etios is having cheap body parts...
  Posted by surjo at 23rd January,2011
i have booked a car..Looks attractive from outside.Huge boot space at rear.A little on the expensive side. Hope it sticks on to the mileage it promises. Overall a nice sedan..Go for it!!
  Posted by RAKESH CHOPRA at 23rd January,2011
  Posted by Raunit at 19th January,2011
This car is value for money superb,.........................................********MAKE IT URS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
  Posted by Amit Verma at 19th January,2011
I heard a lot about ETIOS but after seeing this car personally, it was really disappointing to see toyota launching such a blunder and they call it engineering. There is nothing special about this car and price is also too high for such a cheap quality car. It is better to go for Indigo Manza which is 200% better car in every espact and is cheaper than this car.
  Posted by Pravi at 14th January,2011
I had booked on the next day of launch itself, thinking about the minimum quality that the biggest auto player in the world can give...but was deeply dissappointed to see it in real!!! what an ugly invention, that too spending 4 plus years!!! I did not hear anyone speaking about the doors and the trunk..An old age ambi opens and closes its door with a better feel and noise..You need to make sure that no one is around if you want to open the trunk, else it might hit the person's jaw..that much light metals are used yaar.. cost cutting at it's height..I already talked to the uting and he was happy to hear that I am cancelling my booking. G with security options was the one I booked, for 7.15 lacs on road..just see the looks and options that a Chevy aveo has with a lesser price..the base version.. A slight increase in mileage would have stamped it as the hot seller in it's segment.. Etios Pros :- Toyota brand..I doubt if they can keep the same trust going forward after this release.
  Posted by George at 11th January,2011
Granted the Etios looks like the Logan and niggles like the single wiper, central console, poor interiors etc are bugging, what needs to be looked at is the complete package and VFM. There is scant mention of engine performance which given its kerb weight should turn out better than a lot of so called good cars on the road. Reliability has been a keyword for Toyotas and hopefully this one too will live up to it. I think it has VFM and I can live with a few niggles.
  Posted by Swarnendu Mazumdar at 9th January,2011
Problems in TOYOTA ETIOS: 1. Single wiper might not cover driver's side fully during rain. 2. No rear speaker - Speakers cannot be installed on rear door. Also, additional speakers need to be installed at owners cost behind rear seat. 3. AC vents on front side are on left hand side. This might cause some uncomfortable to both the driver and the front passenger. 4. The speedometer is at the centre of the front panel. many drivers may find this little awkward. 5. The current waiting time for delivery is around 7-8 months. It would be better to wait for ETIOS -Diesel variant which would be launched within 6 months and is expected to be priced only 20-25K more than it's corresponding petrol variant. Diesel variant would give more mileage. 6. ETIOS interior is not attractive and the plastic quality is poor. - Swarnendu Mazumdar
  Posted by Rahuls at 8th January,2011
Exterior : Car is good to look from Front, however rear looks like Logan, but for a chrome strip that makes the look acceptable..Overall outside appearance is acceptable. Interior: Leaves much to desire, front looks crammed and plastic looks cheap, a darker shade would do the trick..A/C vents are slightly on left,looks odd. Black seats are disgestable, but Back with Red is awful..Back seat has huge leg space. Interior is poorer than almost all cars in the segment. Technical: The engine, ABS, safety feature are good and carry toyota depedability. Ground-clearance is ample. Mileage: Though cliam is 17kmpl however with A/C 13-14 kmpl will be relistic. Summary: Outside look is good, with no gaps technically. Interior have to put some extra money to get
  Posted by vish at 6th January,2011
i could bring out this car in just one day as all it takes is to copy logan and malabari. am not surprised the japs took 4 years to comprehend that 'cause they work real slow and believe in team work. would be a dead failure of a car, i am sure! japs, yanks and chinks take india and indies for granted. time they understood that we too have grown mature.
  Posted by Maheswarappa at 2nd January,2011
Etios model The car is attractive, but for interiors seats are not designed properly and the seat height adjustment is not provided. If it is provided, it can be a medium income group car. Toyota can think of providing seat adjustment, so that a person of 5.3' height can drive it properly. I wanted to book a car but did not get the opportunity to test drive and see how can i see the front distance while drining...If company considers to adjust the height by providing the adjustment, i can think of booking otherwise, with the present seat height it is very difficult to drive in cities....
  Posted by Latha D at 2nd January,2011
I wanted to see a car of etios and saw it in Mangalore... but the interior with red color do not give a attractive interior rather it should be one color...Then it is difficult for a person of 5' to 5.2' height to see in the front while driving, so it is better to give a height adjustment option. If it is provided, i can think of booking it...
  Posted by sujit patel at 1st January,2011
Respected Sir/Mem, I am planning to purchase a ETIOS car so Plz give me all description about ETIOS like its features, services, Price and how much to delivery after booking this car all detail Plz send my email id. Thanks, Sujit Patel
  Posted by mahesh at 1st January,2011
i think it is toyota answer to to tata nano.both have fixed headrests. interior are real cheap
  Posted by suman at 29th December,2010
Highly hyped car by all means auto magazenes went all over to prove this is an effort of 4 years .However it is an old taxi (Toyotaxi) of Indonesia called echo.people are by and large will be cheated by a well known cheater of the world toyota
  Posted by Pratap at 27th December,2010
is this car has any option in disel in futher and what will be cost
  Posted by Rocky at 20th December,2010
Every body has different views about same things. Therefore I differ from the opinion of author of this article. I had personally seen the car and it is real value for money car. Also gr8 interiors, in rear Leg space and shoulder space it will definately beat D segment cars also. Front looks excellent but Boot is average and I think the real problem is with the placement of Rear Number Plate(Like Logan and earstwhile Daewoo Ceilo/Nexia. Even if No.Plate is moved to Boot instead f Bumber it will look gr8 from rear end also. Overall at this price it is a stealler. If you will book it now then you will get it by august 2011. I had booked one for me on 4th December after watching it on 3RD december at Saket Mall, Delhi.
  Posted by Dr. Prakash at 19th December,2010
Few suggestions for Toyota if they really wanna etios a success- 1. Introduce second wiper 2.Redesign the rear to give more sobre look. 3. Change the colour of seats. A red one looks cheap and ugly.
  Posted by puneet at 18th December,2010
seem etios will be a super duper failure... just b'coz of advertisment there is so much of booking.... A excellent co does not mean every product will be a Hit.... Swift is far better in looks n over all
  Posted by sankar at 18th December,2010
is this car has any option in disel in futher
  Posted by sankar at 18th December,2010
in futher is this car have any ption in diesel
  Posted by karthi at 17th December,2010
why did they put the speedometer in the middle? is it supposed to be 'radical'?
  Posted by Siddhartha Sircar at 16th December,2010
The car seems O.K.for a middle class family who would like to own a sedan. I have already booked it. Only one small comment : It would be better with two wipers which I feel spoils the looks. Even small hatchbacks have two wipers.
  Posted by parveen at 16th December,2010
They should deliver the cars 4000/month to reduce the waiting period, otherwise people will go elsewhere as gone are the days to wait like Bajaj Chetak. Further they should have put power stering in base model (J) and music sys in next model (G) I will/cant certainly not wait for morethan 1 month
  Posted by sampath at 14th December,2010
toyota etios = a reanult logan with some cosmetic changes.. for this fantastic copied design,these people worked for 3 years??? this wont even dent the sales of swift dzire or even a manza...
  Posted by DRG at 14th December,2010
Toyota has got the right pulse in creating the Hype, pricing and clearly telling the world that they built the car for indians with features we want. Waiting to see the car before making my comment further
  Posted by ashok at 12th December,2010
Car like camry ,sold in U.S for $20,000 is sold in India for 25 lacs($50,000+),bring outdated cars,technology to India instead of thrilling the market with Value cars.I have met many JAPS working for different organisations and their view on India is as outdated/Racial/3rd world as americans..that is reflected in their cars as well.Iam sure Suzuki wouldnt have done so well in India without the Indian management.Honestly except Suzuki,hyundai,mahindra and Tata none of the other car makers think big about India.This car is horrible,i wouldnt pay 3 lacs for this car leave alone 5+.Wish these guys had spent more time on the Car than the Ads.
  Posted by NAZEER at 11th December,2010
  Posted by G.Azhar Ahmed at 10th December,2010
excellent car.more space in interiors
  Posted by Aruna at 8th December,2010
Come on BS motoring, don't go down the standards. The review reads too biased. Honestly Etios looks like a Logan with some facelift and nothing more. Ah...the tag is welcome though.
  Posted by aabhas pandit at 7th December,2010
outside of the etios is pretty god but not enough to give a feel of a new era car.....unlike the honda,s and suzuki's.....interior are outaged...n are really boring specially the instrument cluster and the dashbored...lets c what comes in the face lift etios
  Posted by aabhas pandit at 7th December,2010
interiors are outaged...could be much better
  Posted by palioman at 7th December,2010
Looks to me like a Yaris re engineered for the sub continent
  Posted by Tony at 6th December,2010
your article says it took 4 years, to design fool will take it. toyota plan to bring a low cost car in indian market few years. toyota have number of similiar models(echo, yaris, tercel etc).
  Posted by Ghazni at 5th December,2010
those who r disppointed...please note its made by indians for u are crap. worry for toyota to put its badge on it. what the hell you expect in $10,000 car? you get what you pay for
  Posted by venkat at 4th December,2010
Indian auto journalists always talk in general and not get down to specifics. They get overawed by names like Toyota and Honda. In reality, Hyundai and Suzuki seem to provide latest features than the so called big names at a more competetive price. No, I will not buy this car for any price. It is goddamn ugly.
  Posted by Hemanth at 3rd December,2010
Toyota is going to repeat the success as they have done with Qualis.This has got the proper looks of a sedan and yhh for this price nothin cant be expected more.Clear winner.Clean lines and conservative design,will last for ten years at the least
  Posted by gagan at 3rd December,2010
waiting for this ,but disappointed
  Posted by kgv at 3rd December,2010
Toyota has underestimated the indian expectations from them. etios looks like a another car they produced and sold in 80's. Its going to be a big taxi car than proud individual's family car. A BIG disappointment..
  Posted by Ramki at 3rd December,2010
I feel they have priced this wrong. It should have been premium priced compared to other cars in the same segment. With this pricing Toyota will lose its brand value of being a premium car maker. The more Toyotas seen on the road, the more it loses its image of being a premium brand. And the prestige associated will also go. So, with this they will suffer at the top end of their sales (Altis, Fortuner etc.). Unless they introduce the Lexus brand.
  Posted by DP at 3rd December,2010
Dont you feel the shaby copy cat like updated logan like journos should asses the design irrespective to the maker..whether the maker is 1st or 2nd.
  Posted by ashwin at 3rd December,2010
the way it looks is a real downer... looks cheap... like a facelifted logan... the front grill resembles like the eye brow of "nakusha" in tv serial "lagi tujhse lagan"... :P all it manages to do is make vento look like a more premium product , city a more cutting edge product and sx4 a better value for money car and forget the price of hopeless base variant wich does not even HAVE A POWER STEERING ... will surely be a hit with the cabbies though...
  Posted by MK at 2nd December,2010
eeeks.... pathetic design, upgraded logan with center console.... i will not pay a dime for it.
  Posted by prathi at 2nd December,2010
i reaslly loved the car waiting for it on road
  Posted by Padmachandran at 2nd December,2010
its really cute than vento.
  Posted by Mayank at 2nd December,2010
The Car looks ok I would say not a stunner but practical!! like Srinivas stated we should not expect it to be as Vento or for that matter Linea. The entry level of such care starts at 7L Ex showroom. and here the top of the line is for 6.68. Frankly speaking I was about to invest in maruti Sx4 but as of now I am planning to hold on and check this out. Give it a fare chance at least ppl. And as for a this being a car which was out of production for some counter and now being launch in India is concern. Most of the care have the same story!! Civic, Aveo, even Sx4 and Swift have had the same roots.. They all were launched in West first and then brought to India when the shell life of the product was almost over there. Hyundai yes they make good cars which last for 3 years typically Korean.. post which they become a money pit!! other than that they make gr8 cars lolz
  Posted by gerald king at 2nd December,2010
Well my advice to all is, if you would like to buy a car like you neighbor has then please do not buy Etios, it is not meant for you. But if you need a car that has good VFM and stands out a bit then surely Etios is a choice. It has a poorly finished plastic material. Closely compare with others, don’t go by just comparing door handle or glove box, consider everything replacement cost, cleaning and have a look after one or two years then compare with others. May be you make an impression just by having a look from outside or reading others comments who are driving Skoda, Octavia, Optra or other luxury cars and start comparing Etios with such cars. Etios is made for a purpose and not for showing your wealth & style. Toyota should not have tried to sell it as a cheap car, they should have tried to sell it's qualities. The ad campaign did more damage than good. Pure word of mouth will pull this car through, I'm sure. It would be a shame otherwise.
  Posted by shalamsk at 2nd December,2010
my comment is ameging in etios
  Posted by Kshitij at 1st December,2010
Shocker of a price for base model, undercutting even Indigo Manza. It will become a taxi now
  Posted by yila at 1st December,2010
It doesn't seem to be a newly designed model for India. It looks very similar to the Toyota "Evios" sold in other countries. I don't understand how you miserably failed to notice it! Journalists are expected to maintain a balance in their reports irrespective of the "Brand value".
  Posted by Eldho Kallingal at 30th November,2010
Looks like Toyota will taste failure for the first time in India. This car is going to have the same fate as the Logan
  Posted by PalaniappanM at 30th November,2010
Not impressed.Disappointed with the design.
  Posted by toyota at 30th November,2010
Let the world leader bring on the action in India. Just get thrilled at the thought of Maruti products in danger. We Indians are obsessed with Maruti, globally Suzuki products are flops. Etios looks likes a proper car unlike Dzire which looks like a Ambassdor or a fat bullock cart. Plus Etios is far more spacious bigger than Dzire, which is a cramped shitty and boxy Swift with a obese boot. With Etios,you get the same T badge as 25 Lac camry or 1 crore Prado. There is no way that Etios can be stopped from being market leader in C Segment. The hatch will send the guns blazing at Swift and I-20, im sure.
  Posted by Velutha at 29th November,2010
Hey Srini you forgot to applaud Toyota for cutting the flab. 930kg kerb is not a small achievement. I think this is a spiritual successor to the IDSi City, ARAI extracted 17+ kpls from it. If you can't shoot a good photo use the press images. Your shabby pic has got people crying foul over the interiors, I know that they aren't in the Vento's league but they are atleast as lousy as the City's,Linea's Fiesta's, SX4's or the Verna's and infact better than the even lousier interiors of the Manzas, Logans & Dzires of this world
  Posted by Hafeez at 29th November,2010
First things on earth is the Etios pronounced?! Ee-tea-aus ? E-tie-us ? E-tea-us? Secondly, as boring and 'Loganish' as it looks, corporate types will be falling over each other to buy this as if Toyota's giving it away for free. As for the rest of the people out looking for a new sedan, as long as it has Toyota's badge on it, they'll buy it with their eyes closed. I wouldn't be surprised if this has long delivery times
  Posted by helboy at 29th November,2010
I bet this is an out of production model from somewhere else.Typical of Toyota,give all the leftovers to India.
  Posted by NK at 29th November,2010
Looks more like a redesigned Mahindra Logan...Disappointing!!! Toyota really needs to style their cars as per their No.1 status and not as some 3rd world company! Better learn a thing or two from the Koreans..Shame on u Toyota!
  Posted by Doc at 29th November,2010
Time all you auto journos stopped over-praising Toyota (and Honda)and gave Hyundai the respect their cars deserve... An underpowered,under-specced, plasticky Toyota is OK since it is "designed mainly for city driving blah, blah", but if it was a Hyundai,then it is "boring to drive etc etc"! Doc
  Posted by Vijay at 29th November,2010
worst interiors.....!! consider tht swift/dzire interiors are dated but this..... a big no-no to the Etios
  Posted by nik at 29th November,2010
well just like our politicians, our car makers are what we deserve; if we can make a success of a design disaster such as the suzuki Dzire (clearly indicating we have no sense of aesthetics/symmetry whatsoever), how can it motivate others to create landmark
  Posted by panicker at 29th November,2010
from the picture of the car interior,it is observed that the front console is small in width leaving cave like space after seat.which looks very bad.
  Posted by raghu at 29th November,2010
interior seat colour with red shade is not good.the console dezine is not filling the middle lower position,leaving big cave like open space in the front interior
  Posted by aakaal at 29th November,2010
Etios will attract people to the hilt. Whats surprising to me is that it will be bordering the prices of Dzire and Manza, rather than SX-4/Linea/Vento. A 1.5 litre-90 bhp engine, its technically better than Linea that too with a premium Toyota badge well known for reliability (with Innova and Corolla). Goodbye - Linea, SX-4 and Vento. I assume it could be priced 30 k more than Dzire, and will anyday attract more snob value due to Toyota badge rather than a Maruti badge, which one is used to see on age old 800. Maruti - some serious worry...the global leader is finally here...
  Posted by jayanth at 28th November,2010
They took 3 years and this is what toyota came up with ? Lol Absolute sh*t. I think this is going to pull a jazz :)
  Posted by JS at 28th November,2010
That is by far worst interior...didn't expected that from toyota
  Posted by chandan B Mallik at 28th November,2010
Well, for the Indian market the Etois may be considered as premium entry level. In dimensions it is very close to that of the current Yaris and we suspect it is a re-hashed platform. The engine suspiciously echos DNA from the Daihatsu Materia. In our opinion, a mediocre presentation. Toyota could do much better for India if the goal was to produce an India-specific model.
  Posted by Ravindra Kumar at 28th November,2010
Interiors look really shabby..I was planning to buy the car but will have to drop the idea looking at these interiors. It seems what they have shown in Auto expo and what they are are going to launch is very different. Disaapointing..
  Posted by Vikram at 27th November,2010
"It has made the second-largest automotive manufacturer in the world go back to the drawing board again and again." Pardon me for the interruption, but Toyota is and has been the world's biggest carmaker for some time now
  Posted by suresh baluja at 27th November,2010
my dream car
  Posted by V.Malhotra at 27th November,2010
The hatch back should follow immediately i.e.within a month if Toyota wants volume and capture the market
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