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  Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
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Top 5 diesel hatchbacks in India!
Looking for an economical diesel small car? This is what you need to see.
By : BSM | Published : April 26, 2011
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Maruti Suzuki Ritz and the Ford Figo Diesel

Well, it was a tough one, so its down to a tie at the top spot between our 2010 Car of the Year winner - Maruti Suzuki Ritz and the Ford Figo Diesel. Both are strong contenders packing in good value-for-money and we would wholeheartedly recommend these cars as good diesel hatchback buying choices!


Game, Set and Hatch! - Micra, Figo, Polo and Swift face off

Ford Figo VS VW Polo VS Fiat Punto - Euro Trio


Ford Figo TDCI road test - Green with envy


BSM TOP15 - The Maruti-Suzuki Ritz


Chevrolet Beat vs Maruti Ritz - Small Change

Maruti Suzuki Ritz - Making waves





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  Posted by sandeep purohit at 7th April,2012
why should not punto is my opinion punto is the best hatchback car in india among in all cars.good space good muscular looking excellent driving control and also have a good boot space .friends go for punto
  Posted by AkshayVReddy at 25th March,2012
What about new swift's better than Tata in space look and all ...talking about the service swift is good ....or why can't the punto 90bhp be the 1 it has got good speed nic braking system(ABS) godd swift,punto??
  Posted by pankaj_pune at 18th March,2012
Tata vista is the good car but not accepable in top 5. Tata can't be a family car also it is well behind in the features as compare to other car in this segment
  Posted by yogesh at 1st March,2012
very good site
  Posted by Nandish at 24th February,2012
Unacceptable. Of the top 5 cars, 3 uses the Multiject technology made by Fiat,(CRDI is also a variant of multijet) and you have not listed a Fiat car.
  Posted by Velutha at 16th February,2012
One hatch to rule them all, One hatch to find them, One hatch to bring them all, And in the market blind them. New Maruti Suzuki Swift. Period.
  Posted by Veeru at 9th February,2012
Ok, what's the basis of this shortlist, you could've mentioned the criteria for this selection. If it is sales, then certainly, Maruti deserves multiple entries here. If it is reliability & cheap maintenance, then I think Toyota Liva along with Maruti should have made it to the list. How on the earth did Figo come on top, is it VFM, if so Vista should have been in top 3! How on the earth did you miss the best of the best Punto, atleast the 90HP version should make it to your esteemed list if not the top position. I bet that none of the cars mentioned in this list doesn't even come close to Punto's ride & handling, let alone matching it. Polo made it to the list, why not Fabia? I'm sure you had your reasons, but the list is a very baffling one that i've come across.
  Posted by Manju at 7th February,2012
have you missed the FIAT PUNTO ? a very good hatch....
  Posted by Nithi at 19th January,2012
Wat about MS Ritz. It fares well..
  Posted by Srinidhi at 4th January,2012
Vista , Who picks this (Check the sales...)(LOL!!!!) Fiat Punto is not in the list, There are two cars which uses Fiat`s engine. Apart from polo no other car is close to the drive experience of Fiat Punto.
  Posted by Prateek at 16th November,2011
ooh come on !!! Diesel i20 is a big let down and not at all good car to drive in city. And no mention of punto !!! Enough to trash the article.
  Posted by Sayeed at 10th November,2011
Why have you left out the Fiat Punto diesel, Skoda Fabia Diesel(new), Chevrolet Beat diesel, all are equally good and competetive accept for maybe Beat which has less boot space but good engine for city drive
  Posted by CD'Francis at 6th October,2011
Punto is the best in class with full features that wont match with anyone. Equally the safety measures are to the max.
  Posted by Anand at 16th September,2011
Compare to all these cars fiat punto is best diesel hatchback
  Posted by Rahul Kate at 29th April,2011
why Punto is not here???
  Posted by Velutha at 29th April,2011
@Naysayers... punto's 90 are rather acedemic & Fabia's 1.2 rather anaemic... So Ritz & Figo are the top 2 for sure. But what happened to "BSM always declares a winner" philosophy? IMO Figo wins thanks to better drivability (no turbo lag!), better boot-space (compared to the Ritz's rear cubby-hole) & a marginally lower price.
  Posted by suprith at 28th April,2011
Where is the 90bhp punto ? Is it not among the top 5 in india ?
  Posted by Doc at 27th April,2011
'Karizmatic' pipped me to the post - drew the words out of my mouth!
  Posted by jponraj at 27th April,2011
New Fabia with new price is far better than any other available hatchs today.
  Posted by Charles Suresh at 6th November,2011
  Yes man! Totally agree!!
  Posted by Karizmatic at 26th April,2011
No Punto? Not even the 90hp?! Again glorifying the Ritz! Come on BSM, it's not as brilliant as you say it is.
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