The Rimac Concept_One


What is it?

The Rimac Concept_One


What makes it so special?

It looks great, for starters. It’s got all the right proportions of a hypercar and a price tag that goes with it, too. The Rimac Concept_One, contrary to its name isn’t just a concept. Provided you’ve got $980,000 lying about, you can opt to buy one of the 88 limited edition models.

Ex-Pininfarina designers took care of the design, while the expert leather crafters at Vilner took care of the interiors. The wheels are specially designed for this application while the tyres were designed by Giugiaro for this concept. How’s that for exclusivity, eh?

It may be powered by electric motors, but it is capable of a blistering 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds!


What do we like?

1088 bhp, need we say more?


What do we not?

Electric motors mean you’ll hear a small whine from the motors instead of exhaust snarl.

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