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  Thursday, Nov 26, 2015
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Toyota Corolla Altis vs Honda Civic - The Lost Samurai
There’s no one permanent winner in this age-old war. But in this battle, you have one.
By : Srinivas Krishnan | Published : November 15, 2008 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji
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Toyota Corolla Altis vs Honda Civic. Compare Prices, Features & Specs.
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As one man can defeat ten men, so can one thousand men defeat ten thousand. However, you can become a master of strategy by training alone with a sword, so that you can understand the enemy’s stratagems, his strength and resources, and come to appreciate how to apply strategy to beat ten thousand enemies.
– from The Book Of Five Rings  by the samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi, some time around 1645

It is a shadow war. Over successive generations, the battles have been played out in various parts of the world. Though they won’t admit it, Toyota with the Corolla and Honda with the Civic, have been at each other’s throats. Superficially, they pretend as if they operate in different segments, but deep within, they know that when anyone, in any part of the globe, wants a reliable, comfortable, thoughtful sedan, it is either the Corolla or the Civic.

This war is between them, and them alone, and in the process other enemies simply cannot match up and fall by the wayside.In India, the Civic kept moving from strength to strength, as its arch-rival was getting older and somewhat unfit for what can be billed as a fight between true equals. The Civic, like a true samurai, endured the wait for a battle-ready contender for a long time, and now, with the new Corolla Altis, Toyota has finally empowered its warrior. The two rivals have been itching for a fight, and so the latest iteration of the legendary war unfolds in the country.
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  Posted by anurag kumar tiwari at 26th March,2012
altis is the one of the best car in this segment.
  Posted by tom at 9th March,2012
Altis is definitely a better option. I would have bought it long ago if its equipment list was decent. Both Civic and Altis for the Indian customer is frugal on equipment. Civic and Altis in markets outside India have TC, ECS and the works.
  Posted by xxx at 22nd November,2011
Altis is the best!!
  Posted by Coltymirza at 12th November,2011
Before finalising to go for either Altis or Civic, I visited 3 showrooms of each.Difference, Honda, friendly people with nice servise attitude. 1.8 litre engine with advanced transmission tech, I noticed it had low profile, sporty look, small sporty steering with digital speed metre, more dvr seat adjustments, music system 2 din, other controls like aircons etc no dashy more simple no extra thoughtful feature.leather interior is optional. Rear passanger cabin has stylish lights, rear seats more reclining and comfortable but lower in hight. Therefore little problem while coming out of the car for people with back achs. Car has one new good feature of an immobilizer installed, claims better milage in city driving.Toyota, Could'nt careless people with totally mean attitude. Altis has 1.6 litre engine, is higher in profile, more features in speed metre, rear seats felt little smaller than Civic,aircons controls more user friendly, optitron metre is more readable,has more features like noti
  Posted by abhiram at 16th February,2011
i will tell you all about honda civic and toyota corolls sltis . honda civic is a nice car ,it is bigger car than toyota altis and it is spacious and comfortable than altis while the altis is better in mileage and we can travel so far with it.the toyota altis is cheaper because honda civic has more,honda civic is better in performance .It can reach 0 to 100kmh in just 9.6 seconds. the altis can only reach 0 to 100 kmh in 10.42 seconds.the civic is a sports and it has digital speedometre.the altis only has analog speedometer. the digital meter vs a lot sportier than analog meter. the civic,s alloy wheels is bigger than toyota altis.the civic is better in grip.The civic can reach a top speed of 205 kmh and altis can reach onlu 200 kmh. so, fellas trust me,the civic is always better than corolla altis.the civic is the king of this mid size segment.
  Posted by Udax at 21st January,2011
It is amazing how nobody comments on the blind spots in an Altis. The left A-column is a disaster. Try turning left around a corner. You do it semi-blind. Pray-and-turn. The window height is reduced compared to the earlier model, affecting visibility. With motorcycles swarming about you like mosquitoes, you see them almost too late. Beware. Take a test drive before you fall for it.
  Posted by Haseeb Khawaja at 21st November,2010
guys these comments are very helpful. I feel more and more inclined towards Altis. Reasons, mileage, maintenance, spare parts etc. Civic appeals more to the heart (love the dash board) but road clearance is a big negative. It will cost more in the long run, specially when once in a while off roading is a part of my practice.
  Posted by zain malik at 17th November,2010
civic is comfertable then toyota performance is great then toyota drive great but toyota altus speed pick beter then honda civic . i like honda civic HONDA CIVIC is GREAT THEN toyota altus . honda civic is the best that's it ok
  Posted by siddharth at 3rd November,2010
I personally feel that by design there is no comparison b/w civic and corolla, but but but the one and only and the biggest odd against civic is its ground clearance, on records it is 170 but the major problem is its smoother suspensions when you are siting with 3 people in civic and pass through a speed breaker of even 2 to 3 inches it will touch the ground.
  Posted by nishant at 1st October,2010
civic is best
  Posted by AAN at 18th September,2010
  Posted by sri at 7th September,2010
As per maintenance, parts, mileage, looks and finally value for money i prefer corolla ALTIS.....its interiors comes with corolla CAMRY standards, so just feel it comfortableness once u get in to it...
  Posted by KL at 17th August,2010
I sat in both cars before and I must say I prefer Corolla Altis than the Civic. I had backache when I sat in a Civic and travelled long distance. Civic does not provide comfortable ride. It is a different story for Corolla Altis. It is a comfortable car. And I personally hate the dashboard of Civic. It takes to much of space and not as user friendly as Toyota's.
  Posted by karu at 3rd August,2010
one n only the best car is HONDA CIVIC
  Posted by Senthil Palani at 2nd August,2010
I am planning to purchase a middle segment Sedan and finalized on Altis or Civics I refereed lot of civic and Altis users. Here are the thing I noticed. a. Altis give more mileage b. Altis is more stronger c. Altis is giving more features d. One Civic user complained that its low ground seats created back pain on long drive. e. One Civic user complained that it hits even small speed breakers. Please let me know your comments
  Posted by D P LAHKAR at 29th July,2010
  Posted by mritiunjai at 20th July,2010
As per the indian roads, maintainance,tuffness,parts,mileage,look & offcourse comfort,there is no match of corolla is a very delicate darling.beleive me toyota is the most reliable & maintainance free brand in india as per the driving condition....go for it.go for petrol if u drive ur own & go for diesel if it shoffer driven & long runs..........
  Posted by Amit at 8th July,2010
Corolla Altis is far better than the Honda Civic. I have driven both cars for long and finally decided to buy the Corolla Altis. Engine is quieter, car is smoother and performance and features are a lot better. No need to mention the Toyota brand value and reliability. Would recommend the Corolla Altis highly.
  Posted by Adil at 27th June,2010
I have both Altis and civic but Altis is better than Civic. its my opinion When i drove these cars.
  Posted by NAKUL at 24th June,2010
  Posted by arjun at 12th June,2010
altis is the best
  Posted by arun.j at 4th June,2010
corolla is better than civic based on ground clearance designed
  Posted by rocky at 16th April,2010
honda civic is the best option in korola
  Posted by rocky at 16th April,2010
civic is the best
  Posted by Ariel at 16th April,2010
The corolla is better car than civic, is stronger and sporting... civic is like a toy
  Posted by ABHISHEK TANWAR at 11th April,2010
  Posted by ssssssssssssssssssssss at 10th April,2010
intead of civic there should be benz c280 or bmw320 for the competitionit would suit against carolla altis i mean honda is nothing front of alti it is one of the sexiest car in indian roads
  Posted by Bhupesh at 7th April,2010
  Posted by akshat bhardwaj at 2nd April,2010
HONDA CIVIC is definately a better option not just because of its looks and interiors but its pick up is unmatched in its class. if u go on roads of delhi you will see more civic than a coroalla altis. now coming to designing: Honda has best designs all oer the world and this could be seen in civic as well. mileage:honda civic gives more than 20 kmpl on highways but corolla gives 18+. the interiors are much superior in honda civic than corolla.
  Posted by rohit at 24th March,2010
of course honda civic is better than altis
  Posted by vaibhav waghere at 23rd March,2010
toyota company itself known for the quality ,so i prefer to altis
  Posted by SteveP at 19th March,2010
The Corolla is blend and forgettable. Toyota and Honda are so close in term of reliability that you can't use that as an argument against the Civic. The Civic is the only car in its category that can make head turns and people think: The new Civic looks good. The Corolla has absolutly no personality, at all. The ride is smoother, yeah.. Their argument of jealousy because they are jealous against how good the new civic look? "Civic is for rice-boys".. Give me a break. There's less than 1% of Civics that are "riced". Most are a few generations before, the only ones that can be afforded by teenagers. That excuse is not valid. Sorry, your car is blend and boring. Next.
  Posted by Raja at 9th March,2010
Altis is for the Brain. Civic is for the Heart. Period.
  Posted by rakesh dalvi at 4th March,2010
altis car interiors are cheaper and poor quality in compare to the civic which are sexy in looks and futuristic. the engine is one of a class for the civic 1.8 responsive and fuel efficient, compare to altis
  Posted by Tej at 11th February,2010
for the samurai fight..instead of corolla the lancer should have been there.
  Posted by Jayastu Senapati at 11th February,2010
To put things straight, Toyota corolla is the most sold car in the world. It is thought to be the most successful car in human automobile history, in the sedan segment. Time speaks for itself.
  Posted by aarachaar singh ahammed at 10th February,2010
honda has style and substance. Other brands give plenty of unwanted features to move product. Hence honda.
  Posted by Yash at 11th December,2009
Toyota Coralla ALTIS is far better than Honda Civic ... although civic has got class features but its ground clearance and mileage is too low ... i would prefer a ALTIS ...!!!!
  Posted by Akshat Gupta at 29th November,2009
Whenever the question between civic and altis comes up, there is confusion and a dilemma craves over us. But i cleared it once and for all this time. The answer is HONDA CIVIC. No doubt in the interiors as civic beats all other cars in it's range with it's luxurious and stylish interiors. Civic is also blessed with a spell-bounding pickup and greater top speed. Engine-wise, both cars are equally good because the roots of the engine lies back in Japan, the ultimate power. Features in both vehicles are similar (keeps getting updated with newer models). Also, altis comes with decent looks which are worthy but not like civic's masculine and sexy looks that are picture-worthy. All in all, altis is good , but civic is a cut above the rest. Hats off to HONDA!
  Posted by avishek at 21st November,2009
the civic's interior is far advanced than the altis. no other car has a digital speedo in this range,and the acceleration of civic is amazing.i think u all have been paid by toyota to say all this stuff,civic is better than altis-its the truth.
  Posted by Arvind Jain at 20th November,2009
I evaluated both in March this year and finally bought Altis Automatic which wins hands down. Altis gives better mileage, more features, more peace of mind, has better passenger comfort and is a more practical buy as a family car. Granted Civic has better high speed handling but how many times do you achieve speeds of over 100 kmph. Normal customer drives 75% in city and only 25% on so called highways.
  Posted by Surinder Singh at 22nd December,2009
  Can I know how much milage you get from Altis in city & on highway? Thanks in advance.
  Posted by Ashir at 13th November,2009
Maintenance wise Altis is better.
  Posted by Har Simran Preet Singh at 30th October,2009
no comparison wid other cars like civic,optra is the giant.and build cars with quality .so they have long life.i have both toyota and honda .i am really very upset with its maintance one after one but when it comes to toyota i have not spent even a single penny on it accept timely service.
  Posted by harshavardhan at 18th October,2009
New altis is always better than civic,
  Posted by m rafiq at 28th September,2009
i think Toyota Corolla Altis is the best car sir.
  Posted by anonymous at 17th August,2009
sorry to say but it seems like honda paid u for this review. new corolla is far better than civic. I personally took TD of both cars and compared all feat. and the handling aspect too.
  Posted by raja singh at 1st August,2009
what is this, simple way only toyota,no comparison wid other cars like civic,optra is the giant .thanks
  Posted by MrBoombastic at 21st July,2009
The Honda Civic is a SOHC and not a DOHC as stated by you. The Honda Civic is a 2006 model and I am sure it does not take an automobile magazine to relaise that.
  Posted by Ghostrider at 29th June,2009
Thanks for the comparison, however a tad pretentious quoting samurai literature. (amusing that mgmt. schools use this) If you want to learn samurai philosophy you chaps need to learn to fight, you will perhaps learn what the ethos of warriors are. Please do not belittle that by using them as quotes with tawdry automobiles or even more superficial biz. school philosophy (which by the way takes their inspiration from Machiavelli) Ever met a biz school punk who can fight like a samurai? They do not
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