The 2011 Chevrolet Aveo - FRESHLY CHEV'D



Gone are the rather staid looks of the earlier Aveo. The designers at GM have now given it a fresh new look, using designs cues befitting a modern Chevrolet. No doubt that some parts, especially the rear-end treatment, looks dangerously similar to the Beat sold in India but on the whole, it's fresh and funky and quite likable.

Engine options include a 1200cc, a 1400cc and a hot(-ish) 115 hp 1.6. Diesels displacing 1300cc will also be available, with start-stop technology. A 6-speed gearbox will make it to some models, something that isn't so common in hatches.

BSM predicts the Aveo hatchback and sedan will both make it our shores by next year. Av’ you been waiting for this one?