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TECH THIS OUT – Apple iPhone 4S


After nearly a year and a half of waiting, intense speculation and rumours, Apple has gone ahead and pulled out the new iPhone from their magic hat. Of particular importance is the fact that this is Apple's first launch without former CEO/wizard Steve Jobs at the helm, the industry legend who famously turned Apple's fortunes around, and in the process, changing the way we look at technology forever.

So, yes, it's not the 5. It's the 4S, an evolutionary upgrade, a la iPhone 3GS. To keep up with the power monsters coming out mainly from the Android camp, Apple have equipped the 4S with the A5 dual-core processor (the one from the iPad 2) and claim that the iPhone 4S is twice as fast as the earlier iPhone 4. Gamers, do note that the graphics horsepower underneath is also significantly upgraded. The most popular camera on Flickr has been updated too – its 8 megapixels now (nothing really spectacular in this segment), has a backlit CMOS sensor that will massively improve low-light performance, a new five-element F2.4 lens, rapid reaction times and full-HD 1080p video recording. We rather like this bit.

Another thing to like here will be the Siri intelligent voice-activated assistant. You can actually ‘talk’ to your phone and it will understand and try and respond intelligently. Give it phrase like – ‘Will it rain today?’ and it will give you the weather update or ask it to book an appointment with a client on Friday at 2 PM and it will do that for you. Or even tell it to wake you up at 6 AM tomorrow for the oh-so-important 1st day at the gym. (good luck with that) or search for ‘Triumph Bonneville’ on Wikipedia.


Of course, it’s not just the hardware here – with iOS 5, the latest and the most significant update to Apple’s OS ever, the features list goes berserk. And with Apple, you know they put in a feature only if they know it works flawlessly. All the time. Of course, iCloud will back up all your photos, videos and documents in a cloud-based storage network and will automatically sync it across all your i-devices.

All this sounds very cool indeed and it will surely be selling like hot chocolates cakes soon ‘nuff but that said, Apple has failed to genuinely amaze the masses this time around. Most of the technology here is already in the market with other manufacturers and though I agree the implementation is a big factor, Apple has indeed lost some of the ‘wow’ factor, at least this time around. Maybe it will come back with a Retina-display equipped iPad 3, eh?