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  Tuesday, Dec 01, 2015
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Tata Safari Dicor vs Mahindra Scorpio CRDe - Patriot Games
It's civil war out there as two of our home-grown SUVs meet
By : Bijoy Kumar Y | Published : October 19, 2005 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji
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Tata Safari Dicor vs Mahindra Scorpio CRDe prices & reviews
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Look,' I explained patiently to Srini, 'I have good friends at both M&M and Tata Motors, and in the months to come, I am bound to get terrible phone calls, sulking sessions and death threats from that community... Shreenand is growing up to be a brilliant motoring journalist with great evaluation and writing skills, and his mentor Shumi, as we always knew, can be quick behind the wheel as well as a keyboard,' I politely added. 'So why on earth are these guys not writing this story? Grrr...'

Assistant editors can be a troublesome lot. He decided that these are important cars that I have spent considerable time with and it is imperative (big words, you see) that I compared them. Not fair, I say, but someone has to get his hands dirty, right?

The Safari is the older car here, but when parked next to the younger Scorpio, the facelifted Tata looks more contemporary. The Safari was designed by IAD, Sussex, UK before the firm was taken over by an ambitious Daewoo. It was a well designed product for its time and that has helped it age quite nicely. Plenty of curved windows and surfaces meant Tata had to go through a tough learning curve when it came to productionising the bits. The problem area today, as it was when the Safari was launched, is the stance – this car is way too tall for its track. The team that gave the facelift should get a raise since they had to operate under severe restrictions and yet came out trumps – the Dicor does look handsome despite panel gaps that can put piggy bank slots to shame. Clear-lens lights help things a bit, while brighter, simpler five-spoke alloys would have been a good idea. The smooth body panels cut from Korean dies way back in the last millennium deserve better fit and finish, which Tata fails to deliver even today.

On the other hand, the Scorpio is not part of the spit-and-polish brigade, and wears its panel gaps and the odd door hinge with pride. Mahindra had seen the Safari enough when they were developing the Scorpio and they refused to take the bait and went for a more down-to-earth approach to build what is essentially a common man's SUV. And that they did rather well. It is much more civilian than most Jeep clones, but it can never be seen in the same queue occupied by CR-Vs and Tucsons. The end result is a butch machine with straight-drop windows and a near vertical windshield. The seven-slat grille reflects Jeep genetics, but the clear-lens lighting (added at the last minute) easily brightens things up. The Scorpio does have a nice stance with fat wheels that fill up those plastic-clad wheel arches. But it is still Air Deccan while the Tata Safari is Jet Airways. You get the drift, right?

Tata Safari Dicor: *** Three stars
Mahindra Scorpio CRDe: ** Two stars

Interiors and comfort 
The Safari has lot of goodies going for it but we were not impressed with the quality of plastics and surfaces in use. The second tone that covers the centre console is irritatingly staid and would have looked bad even in an eighties dump truck. There are switches and knobs scattered all around the console itself and the mess becomes complete with the mismatch of an audio system. Maybe Taco should have stepped in at an earlier stage to improve things inside the Dicor. And no, adding an analogue clock does not make it a Maserati by any stretch of illusion. The seats are good news – they are supportive and the leather-clad version looks and feels top-notch. I am not a big fan of DVD screens behind the headrests, but if it works towards getting a few new buyers, nothing wrong with it either. Yes, the rear view camera works well and is a boon when you are parking between your boss's Accord and your colleague's Santro. And the top-end models get split airconditioning, pioneered in India by the Qualis.

The Scorpio received new dials recently and a bit of improvement in the trim. Ergonomically, the Scorpio interior is a step behind the Safari, though the seats are supportive and good for long hauls. The arm-rests are not a good idea, since they sag and feature poor stitching. However, they are well executed in the Safari – you can wear your seat-belt even with the hand-rest lowered, which you cannot do with the Scorpio. Despite the efforts of Mahindra to soup up the interiors, it looks like it can do with a thorough overhaul sooner than later.

Tata Safari Dicor: *** Three stars
Mahindra Scorpio CRDe: ** Two stars
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  Posted by Pinaki Saha at 17th March,2012
Tata Safari, my childhood fav. till date :)
  Posted by karim at 15th June,2011
safari is road king
  Posted by Akhil at 26th March,2011
Tata safari dicor is powerful,luxurious,comfortable and stylish than scorpio. Its 4*4 ability is incredible.I like safari......
  Posted by roshan at 13th March,2011
see safari is best vehicle compared even safari is u see the picture u will understand the pride of tata safari dicot vx actually scorpio looks more and more older than safari IT WILL GO MORE FASTER THAN SCORPIO IF UR LIKE TO DRIVE ..SAFARI THE BEST HANDS OFF TO SAFARI AND R.TATA
  Posted by Bala at 12th March,2011
Tata safari is the most luxurious car than scorpio,however if it is enabled with four wheel drive with new upgraded versions it would be the topper in the SUV\'s.
  Posted by suraj at 14th February,2011
Its foolishness to compare scorpio with safari.however scropio can be compared with grande .Tata safari can only be compared with its upgraded models.
  Posted by vikas at 12th February,2011
mahindra scorpio best suv in the world because more power full engine then tata safari.looks beter then safari .safari look old then scorpio.
  Posted by nikhil pawar at 7th February,2011
both cars are rock...........
  Posted by lucky at 21st January,2011
Tata Safari Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted by sagar kerur at 15th December,2010
tata should launch safari automatic transmission
  Posted by Dipanshu Rathore at 19th November,2010
Tata Safari Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted by Karan Chauhan at 16th November,2010
yes i was too impressed with safari ,it's look ,it's performance,and now people are more often to buy a safari car
  Posted by indranil Mitra at 29th October,2010
Yes tata safari is the best car in the world. no other car is as best as tata safari dicor. i am very very thakful to Mr. Ratan Tata. It is my request to him if he would able to launche tata safari with 250 speed with rare disk break then tata company will improve and it can earn his goodwill in international market.
  Posted by sadhul at 25th October,2010
safari is the best vehicle anywhere and any time it holds the many fecilities like comfotable seats,seat belts etc.............................
  Posted by Ayushmaan at 17th September,2010
mmmmmmm....safari looks great rather than mahindra.....huh...wat a safariiii woowww....i lov it man....and scorpio is the hatest 1...safari has got lcds and rear viev camera...buttt scorpio hasnt got any 1.....THST MEANS IVE GOT SAFARI DICOR VX
  Posted by SADHUL at 4th September,2010
  Posted by karan at 2nd May,2010
can scorpio run more faster than tata safari
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