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Suzuki Ritz vs Suzuki Swift


In the tightly packed portfolio of Maruti Suzuki cars, the Ritz and the Swift seem to bite and fight with each other. Though the Swift is a fun car to drive, the Ritz has proved it's no less. It's as surefooted as the Swift, the steering feel is brilliant and the car handles well despite its taller architecture compared to the Swift (Hats off to the Swift platform!). Besides, the Ritz has something the Swift doesn't have yet - the new 1200cc K-series engine. The engine is proving to be a major advantage for the Ritz over the Swift - it's new-gen, it's much more refined, it's driveable yet it does not lose the effervescence of a high-revving Suzuki engine. And then there is the diesel engine that both share, so it's even-steven. So does that mean that the Ritz is better than the Swift? After all, it's much more practical owing to its tall structure, has better interior plastics, supportive seats and bits and bobs from the SX4? And it's cheaper too? And is no less engaging to pilot? The answer is yes, our choice is the Ritz. But that is only till the Swift gets the 1.2 K-series motor! Then it will be the more-fun-to-drive Swift all the way...