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SRT Viper makes a return at New York


There are only a few names you think of when you think of an all-american sports car, and the Viper is definitely one of them. It was a sad day in 2010 when Dodge, facing financial crisis, discontinued the Viper. But now, under Fiat's ownership and new funding, the Viper makes a comeback under the SRT brand.

The new Viper is still powered by an 8.4-litre V-10 engine like the older car, but this new car went on a diet and comes out a hundred odd kilos lighter. This is possible thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre, aluminium and other exotic materials both outside and in the car. This is done while keeping the overall nature of the Viper in tact.

The new car comes in two variants, the normal Viper and the hopped-up version called the Viper GTS. Power figures don't change much over the two models, but the GTS gets some extra tech goodies, like a two-mode electronivally controlled suspension, to give it an edge on a track.

The V-10 engine that sits at the front of the Viper is a hand-built 8.4-litre unit which makes 640 bhp of peak power and an amazing 61.1 kgm of torque. With these kind of figures, the Viper won't be losing any stop-light drags anytime soon. And unlike the new generation cars which offer paddle shifters and dual-clutch gearboxes, the Viper is available with only a Tremec-built, short-throw, 6-speed gearbox which increases driver involvement and gets some decent fuel economy too.

The new Viper seems like an all-around better package than the older one and is bent on taking the fight to the Corvette ZR1's doorstep.