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Skoda Vision D: Vision of the future


Skoda's reinvented itself at the Geneva 2011 motorshow and it begins right from the logo that the company is represented by. That apart, the concept that the Czech company has unveiled at the motorshow is testament to the fact that it isn't merely a skin-deep evolution. In fact this could very well be the next Skoda Octavia nee Skoda Laura for India!

Called the Vision D, the concept showcases a new path of Skoda's design philosophy that has been channeled by Josef Kaban. The typical Skoda traits of roominess and distinctive lines have been retained but now, receive some speed and enthusiastic sharpness.

On the outside, the Vision D's surface are is sharp and tense, with a very kinetic appeal to it. The interiors are full of jagged lines but instrumentation placement is spot on - both ergonomically speaking as well as aesthetic wise. A lot of glass goes into the interiors giving it an almost antiseptic rinsed sterile air to it. 

This new design philosophy might be closer than most might think. As we reckon, expect the next generation Skodas to veer off onto this design path in the coming future.

The next-gen Octavia/Laura isn't expected until late-2012 and should be here by early-2013. Expect the usual options of petrol and diesel motors, importantly we expect the new Octavia to feature more safety kit, more features and become more efficient while at it. But will it retain its traditional notchback design remains to be seen.