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Skoda unveils Rapid for international market


Remember the Skoda Concept L from a while ago? Well, the new Rapid, not to be confused with the Indian market Rapid, is pretty much the slightly toned down production version of that one.

This new car will be the first to showcase Skoda's future designs. Their emphasis will be on clear, uncluttered design with focus on roomy interiors and good comfort. The Rapid is set to slot in between the Skoda Fabia and the Octavia (our Laura).

So basically, yes, it will be occupying a spot similar to that of the Rapid we get here, only it comes with a more unique design, it will be a little longer than ours (by about 100 mm) and will sport a notchback rear boot like the Octavia. This car is set to debut at the Paris auto show in September and will be launched towards the end of the year in Europe. There's no word on what's powering it or any plans on bringing it to India. If it does make it here, expect it to be positioned above the Rapid, more like where the Octavia was placed.