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  Saturday, Jan 31, 2015
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Skoda Superb vs Honda Accord - Leadershift qualities
Has the Accord been outdone by the Superb? Read on...
By : Rohin Nagrani | Published : June 09, 2009 | Photos : Aman Chaudhry
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Someone once said, ‘Good things in life come in small packages’. He probably proclaimed this after the 20th tequila shot entered his blood stream one night. Who cares, because well, it seems to be true, at least for some things in life. But then there are a whole host of other places where small is frowned upon. Like a large saloon with a small-ish engine. This would be followed by vivid imagery of a car struggling to climb up a hill or to overtake a big rig. So when Skoda announced they’d be bringing in the new Superb flagship with a 1.8-litre turbocharged petrol motor to India, I thought someone at Skoda had been having too much to drink. So what if it made 160 bhp? In a car that weighs nearly 1.6 tonnes, it ought to feel like an old hag bullock cart.

Skoda were kind enough to send us a car for test, and to add some spice to the proceedings, we threw in its old nemesis, and the current best in class, the Honda Accord, for a comparison. After all, the Accord, with its punchy and proven 2.4-litre engine and 177 bhp should make short work of the Superb on the acceleration charts and then it would be a small matter of comparing the other parameters and then a winner would emerge. But then, I compared the acceleration charts, and soon enough my face had started to turn pale. And small. This one was going to be a more interesting comparison story than I’d set out to believe.

The distinguishing factor about the last Superb’s design was that it was... er, hardly distinguished. Other than coming across as the older brother of the Octavia, it wasn’t exactly as appealing, and never hid its bulk either. With the new Superb, Skoda has managed to give it some unique identity, but this car is less intimidating than before. Shorter front and rear overhangs reduce the visual bulk and despite being 30 mm longer than before, the wheelbase is shorter by a similar amount. It doesn’t have a well balanced design like the Accord, but it more than makes up for it with some interesting features, like the pair of pinch lines on the bonnet and the strong crease lines that run from the grille to the A-pillar that give this car a feeling of rigidity. There’s no lack of chrome and despite those ‘mercury on a petri-dish’ tail lamps, the rear end stands out from among other Skoda products.

Where the Accord puts its best foot forward is the way it manages to come across as being inoffensive. There are no radical lines like its predecessor, but it doesn’t come across as boring looking either. But it is huge. Not just visually, but even when you are behind the wheel. Where one can feel comfortable with the Superb after just 15 minutes behind the wheel, it can take hours before you get a hang of those edges with the Accord. At nearly five metres, it is also half a foot longer than the Superb. It does have a somewhat athletic stance that is marred by the 16-inch wheels that make the car look slightly under-tyred. Unlike the Superb, you do have a choice of body kits to choose from that give you the option of making the Accord look sportier, but that won’t make the car go any faster than it does. Even then, in standard trim, like the one you see on our test car, it’s got the measure of the Superb in the looks department.
Skoda Superb: ***1/2
Honda Accord: ****
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  Posted by Elisha De Souza at 24th November,2010
I have owned the previous generation Honda Accord 2.4 manual that I recently traded in for the Skoda Superb 1.8 manual.. I had 3 years of utter pride and joy owning and driving the Accord and am totally loving the new Superb..except for the "much stiffer" suspension that takes a little getting used to especially after you've just stepped out of the satin smooth Accord.. But in my opinion the new generation Accord is a complete 'JOKE' more so if you've owned its predecessor.. The equipment list is a big "O" with so many thrilling features such as steering mounted audio controls, indicators on the ORVMs..being chucked, features that even a 3.5 Lac car boasts of today.. and its not like they've(Honda) really concentrated on giving the car a cracking V8 engine at the same price (we all know what the V6 costs) or anything in which case I would stay shut and they(honda) could have bragged about the same, but they've only bumped up the Bhp along with the price tag..We Indians are more than w
  Posted by Abhishek Chauhan at 31st August,2010
Thanks for the great review. In terms of pricing, the superb is again better pegged at 19L ex showroom as compared to the Accord which is pegged at 21L. Thanks once again.
  Posted by savio at 16th July,2010
i had seen the show on the t.v and liked very much..... and realy good aspects were covered like comfort, space , suspension,,, love both these cars..... skoda superb and honda accord.......
  Posted by Govind Rathi at 13th June,2010
You have missed the price comparison, a very important aspect, besides many other important things. Still good information and good choice of cars to compare.
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