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Skoda Superb Combi Outdoor unveiled


We're going to start off by saying there's no chance of this ever making it to our shores, so stop drooling right now. The Superb is one hell of a car and the wagon variant of it, called the Combi, is an even better one. So it's no surprise that we're excited at this new variant. This rugged looking wagon is called the Skoda Superb Combi Outdoor (quite a mouthfull, isn't it?) and it certainly looks like something that will go anywhere.

This Outdoor package is only a cosmetic one, but then again, the Superb Combi is already available with a 4x4 variant, so it's not all show and no go if you tick the right options. This package gives you moulded wheel arches, synthetic inserts in both the front and rear bumpers and some side cladding as well. This package is available in both the front and all-wheel-drive models with all the engine options save for the greenline models.

Though we get the Fabia scout, don't be expecting this to turn up at a dealer near you.