S-Cross drives into Mumbai, Prices for First NEXA Product Start from INR 9,71,663 (On-Road)

[caption id="attachment_16428" align="alignnone" ] Mr. R. S. Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, takes the stage[/caption]

Maruti-Suzuki are on a high. Buoyed by the market response to the Ciaz, Maruti-Suzuki has set upon doing something it has never done before - set up a brand new dealership network, branded NEXA, that shall exclusively cater to its premium product offerings. While some industry folks have taken a position of guarded skepticism against this move, but we are quietly hopeful that Maruti-Suzuki can pull this off.

[caption id="attachment_16430" align="alignnone" ]S-Cross Mumbai Unveil S-Cross Mumbai Unveil[/caption]

The first product out of the NEXA move is the S-Cross, blurring lines between the Crossover & the Compact SUV segments. Here, at the launch in Mumbai; Mr. R. S. Khalsi, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales revealed that Maruti-Suzuki were targeting 2 million unit sales by 2020 as part of their mid-term plans. He further stated that NEXA is going to play a key role in achieving this target.

[caption id="attachment_16431" align="alignnone" ]S-Cross Prices, Mumbai (Introductory) S-Cross Prices, Mumbai (Introductory)[/caption]

These are the introductory prices for Mumbai, that can be seen above and they are likely to be revised in the future.

Source : MotorOctane