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  Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
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Ritz vs i20 Kappa - Hatch-ing a plan
By : BSM Desk | Published : June 01, 2009 | Photos : BSM
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Maruti Suzuki Ritz vs Hyundai i20 : Compare Prices, Reviews & Features
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Maruti's latest boy in town, er tall boy that is, is the Ritz. Based on the Swift and larger than the Wagon R, Maruti have effectively priced it a point where Hyundai's relatively new i20 figures. Both raise the bar in terms of build quality, ride and space with the i20 just marginally ahead. Driving dynamics are more or less on par for the course with the i20 steering feeling a bit lifeless while the Ritz could do with slightly better body control. Where the Ritz clobbers the i20 is with not one, but two engines. A new 1.2-litre engine with 85 bhp that is not only refined but rev happy too, while the frugal and well accepted 1.3 DDiS puts things squarely in the Ritz' favour. Hyundai have just the 1.2 Kappa for now that isn't bad but feels underpowered in a car this large. Until Hyundai brings its 1.4-litre, 75 bhp diesel into the picture, the Ritz will continue to stay one step ahead.

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  Posted by Anirudh at 23rd March,2012
i20 is the best car i ever ride ....I have driven this car almost 1200KM continuously from Pune to Bilaspur... no tiredness no fatigueness.. i think all are just making to ritz as good car in just for price, thats it. but in I20 this is car, sexi looks , power, pick-up... all are not satisfied in i20, there should not be any comparison with ritz or swift ...
  Posted by Pradeep at 7th September,2011
ABS(optional) studded ritz vxi is cheaper than i20 magna w/o ABS...considering all other factors..ritz is a better buy
  Posted by UDAY at 29th August,2011
I think we have chosen the right one!
  Posted by Pradip Bansrior at 12th May,2011
Honestly speaking, I was not at all in a mood to buy Ritz but somehow I got convinced and I am owning Ritz Vxi and is 8 months old. Recently,I have driven Ritz 1150kms from Nagpur to Ranchi and just to check the performance in the highways and long distance and I loved it. It was awesome experience n the performance and milegae was great. I was not feeling tired in the end of the day ( after driving 650kms I took rest in the night). No chance for other 1.2 ltrs hatchbacks when it comes to Ritz. Ritz is the best hatchback in 1.2 segments. best mileage, best pick-up, best everythings seems to be nice comparing to other hatchbacks. RITZ Rocks.."so live the moment"..
  Posted by Cool_Antonio at 4th April,2011
Yes the seats in Ritz are awesome and very ergonomically designed. Its a pleasure to sit in those seats and drive.
  Posted by naveen sunalkar at 22nd March,2011
ritz is the best car for middleclass families
  Posted by naveen sunalkar at 22nd March,2011
ritz is the best car for middle class families
  Posted by Dhritiman at 25th February,2011
i20 beats suzuki only in interior lavishness, but at a much higher price. Rest Suzuki wins by clear margin. Its got a very sweet revving engine as well as frugal to.Ritz s a very very practical car and fun 2 drive...take it 4 a long drive nd u will know.
  Posted by Tarun at 30th January,2011
i a m so confused between maruti suzuki ritzs and i20 as result i have decided to buy ritzs becouse i20 is costly than ritzs and if we think to buy i20 so we will take to buy the bass model of i20 but in this we can buy the top model of ritzs with more conforts and feactures
  Posted by kds at 30th December,2010
ritz all the way , I have driven it 800 kms in one single trip , but i was not tired at all. no comparison with any car . i have tried them all.
  Posted by kkkkk at 16th November,2010
i20 is in a different price segment, and much larger (length and width).With space features befiitting a C+ segment car, I 20's sales charts prove the shifting mindset to premium features in hatchbacks
  Posted by samir patel at 26th October,2010
i love i20
  Posted by satinder at 30th September,2010
Ritz roks
  Posted by SreenuR at 7th August,2010
I want to buy a car. Which one is best one among Maruti Ritz,Hyundai i10 and Hyundai i20?
  Posted by SRW at 14th July,2010
@ Rajev Gupta - I believe Ritz is anyday better.I am going for Ritz Vxi after a lot of R&D and two test rides. But as per your comment, you require a vehicle for 4-5 km / day. I think, you can better walk that much distance, instead of a vehicle, with parking and road issues.
  Posted by Gaurav at 5th July,2010
Well, i have driven both the cars the hyundai i20 as well as the suzuki ritz. according to be the hyundai i20 dosent stand anywhere near the suzuki.The performance standard are poor in case of the i20. Guys, whats the use of the lavish interiors when the engine performance is poor. if i have to buy one i would go for a i10 may be. and i dont think suzuki ritz is ugly,indian people have a habit for following the popular stuff, like suzuki swift, but they wont give chance to the newcomers thumps up for the suzuki ritz. 1.2 liters with a europene design and 85 ps of power.. its all good
  Posted by JSR at 16th June,2010
Ritz is comparable with i10 not with i20. i20 is far more luxurious in every sence. This is a bad comparison.
  Posted by ankith jainy at 28th April,2010
ritz s really a good choice but d 1 disadvantage fr a new drivers is while turning in right side the view oof road side s bad not fully clearance jst note while test drive feel d righturn side road clearnce...... other wise its goood for frequent use and much comfortable for long drive if want a luxury then go for i20 but both cars having same engine my ption saving money by ritz
  Posted by Zahir at 20th April,2010
I am owning a maruti ritz diesel ddis and i also have test driven an i20 it is comparitivly bad. Ritz is good for sitting perfection and power. So every one better choose ritz.
  Posted by Rajev Gupta at 18th April,2010
I have to purchase a car this year. want an opinion - which one of the two Ritz or i20 is better - mostly for city driving about 4-5 km per day
  Posted by ThingOfBeauty at 19th March,2010
Cool Guys, what a comparision !! Just comapare the all feature list of i20 with all other hatchbacks in the market, soon will be able to discover i20 is not a Car but a luxury class where as Ritz looks like a pregnant women ( smashed at back and bulged at front). Nobody can compare apple with oranges.
  Posted by CarGuru at 10th March,2010
I have recently brought Ritz. It\'s an amazing machine....It is actually a driver\'s car. Interiors are good. Noise is zero. Smooth drive. Give ard 15kmpl and I know it will be better after few services. See the below video: Ritz rated as best hatchback car by Overdrive CNBC, on a drive from Chandigarh to ladhak which included competition between 9 cars like Jazz, Ritz, fabia, i20, swift, indica, punto etc (watch all 3 videos) -superb exterior -latest new KB series engine with better Mileage, -trusted as used in many counteries with the name splash -Elegant design
  Posted by manoj at 10th February,2010
hi i am planng to buy a new car by this month i am confused between ritz or i 20 plz help and give me ur honest opinion...
  Posted by martin k thomas at 3rd February,2010
i am using i20 asta petrol,driving is perfectly comfortable in i20,but i feel some problems with pick up,am not satisfied with its pick up.
  Posted by rajesh at 30th January,2010
ritz Looks modern from inside & from front.Very good control over the car at high speeds .contrary to my expectation inspite of being quite tall.Airy interior.Weight of the car & wide tyres does offer a planted feel at any speed.
  Posted by hari at 9th January,2010
ritz is a great car with cool interiors and the leg space in the car is huge . the engine is best in Technology. with K-12 engine its made of Aluminium and is very powerful and best part its from Maruti.compared with punto and i20 ritz is really superb..
  Posted by rohit at 12th December,2009
ritz is definitely much more fun to drive than i20.i20 def feels underpowered like chevrolet uva..i20's has the same i10 i20 if you want luxurious interiors and better ritz if you want driving fun and better mileage..
  Posted by Anchit Maheshwari at 27th November,2009
I do not understand why is Hyundai i 20 being qualified as underpowered as a comparison of the tech specifications reveal that it has higher power figure than Fabia (80 vs 70 BHP for Fabia)and lower than Jazz(90BHP).Worth mentioning that all 3 displace the same volume of 1.2L. Hyundai i 20 ideally has a weaker 2nd gear pick up which is probably due to smaller 2nd cog which may have been aimed to deliver higher fuel efficiency. Other than this, i 20 doesn't seem weak on any gear. Also, the weight of i 20 is also not that high in comparison to make the power figures ineffective.
  Posted by Tejus at 7th November,2009
Having driven both the cars, let me tell you that the i20 feels bit underpowered but it's much more spacious than the Ritz. Also, the Ritz is built like a tin can. The i20 on the other hand is more solid in feel and has goodies than the Ritz can only dream of!
  Posted by Apurv at 11th January,2010
  Dis all is rubbish...i own both i20 n ritz but the driving pleasure u get from i20 is extremely good. Ritz on the other hand is good on pick up n mileage...But both r value for money...ritz 4.3 lakh n 5.7 lakh.
  Posted by Karan Verma at 18th November,2009
  Ritz is a car which at 165 remains steby i think i20 is actualy built like an kingfisher beer can. the korean technology can never overpower the JAPANESE...!!!!
  Posted by Velutha at 3rd November,2009
Er, nice photo of the i20, btw
  Posted by Ankit at 5th October,2009
This was really helpful. Are there any other advantages of I-20 other than luxurious Interior and space. I heard Driving position of Ritz is more comfortable than I-20. Is that really true?
  Posted by Nishant Kumar at 26th June,2009
The article is all about comparing Maruti Ritz and Hyundai i20 but the picture shows i10. Can bsmotoring be a little more careful there :). As they say "A picture is worth a thousand words".
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