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  Wednesday, Dec 02, 2015
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REVIEW: Toyota Etios and Liva diesel
The new diesel Toyota Etios and Liva find themselves in a highly competitive scenario
By : Pablo Chaterji | Published : September 10, 2011
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The Toyota badge on a compact sedan and hatchback, as we have already seen, is irresistible to us Indians. Add a diesel engine to the mix and Toyota should have no problem in filling up its order books. With that as a backdrop, let’s get on with the task of evaluating the diesel versions of the Etios sedan and Liva hatchback.


The tsunami in Japan played havoc with the launch dates that Toyota had lined up for the Etios, but better late than never, eh? Not a moment too soon, either — diesel cars are overwhelmingly the flavour of the day, given the prices of petrol, and even people whose useage patterns don’t really justify the purchase of a diesel car are opting for the sticky fuel. So, where does the Etios fit into this scenario?


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  Posted by nawaz at 12th February,2012
i have done 6000km on my etios diesel i get a mileage of 24kms per litre everytime i fill up great car good performance vow toyota
  Posted by h selva kumar at 29th November,2011
Doc, Well said!! (Any chance of you being Dr.Binoy Thomas?)
  Posted by RAJ at 13th November,2011
  Posted by sunilkumar at 22nd September,2011
liva mileage city and highway plz update
  Posted by p. sanjay at 19th September,2011
Diesel verson does not match with maruti suzuki swift /dezire diesel as far as torque,power and performance is concerned .
  Posted by AJ at 16th September,2011
After the test dri ve of diesel variant my perception about etios has changed.. Must say a super engine, great performance and smooth driveability, plus an A grade mileage makes it a gr8 deal. If 1 is lukin for smooth drive, mileage and comfort,,, liva & etios diesel is for u....
  Posted by Doc at 14th September,2011
While I am no fan of the Etios at all, car makers have to strike a balance between what the majority wants and what a handful of enthusiasts want. A tachomeretre is highly redundant in our circs...and anyway, do you enthusiasts really change gears by looking at the tacho, or do you go be 'overall feel'?
  Posted by Vikram at 13th September,2011
"To skimp on as basic a requirement as a tachometer is inexplicable"...I believe the answer to that lies in the fact that these 2 cars have been built dictated by market research. Toyota's understanding seems to be that most Indians have no idea about the use of a tachometer...hence chuck it out of the lower variants. The problem is, if one builds cars as per market research only, then what we get are thoroughly dumbed down, boring cars, as is the case with the Etios and Liva. The only thing good about these two cars is their light weight, which helps fuel efficiency and reasonably good interior space. Other than that, these two are shining examples of just why companies should not design cars according to what the hoi polloi want.
  Posted by sameer at 12th September,2011
I want to know the mileage of liva diesel?
  Posted by Jason at 30th September,2011
  18 km in city
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