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  Wednesday, Dec 02, 2015
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REVIEW - New Yamaha R15 Version 2.0
Your 12-point guide to the new Yamaha R15 Version 2.0
By : Kartik Ware | Published : October 01, 2011 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji
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No, there’s not more power. And it’s heavier. But it’s also better in many ways, so don’t write off the Virgin... er, Version 2.0 just yet. And yes, there’s going to be a number of jokes about that name before you can say ‘tuning forks’.

1. First off, the most important and most obvious changes - the looks. And the hot topic here will be the rear tyre which is now upsized to 130/70 - fat-tyre fans must already be going senile with joy.



2. Then there’s the all-new tail section with split seats that does more justice to the rakish front-end than the previous bike’s rather bland tail. However, that triangular LED tail-lamp somehow doesn’t look right with that sharp tail. The numberplate and indicator bracket is a neat detail, though.


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  Posted by sumit mann at 24th March,2012
amazing bike........
  Posted by bhargav pussylicker at 15th March,2012
  Posted by Aman at 11th March,2012
nice bike
  Posted by anurag behera at 10th March,2012
what is the actual top speed of yamaha r15 version 2.0 and new honda cbr 150r
  Posted by rajesh at 20th February,2012
even a mechanic can replace a tyre....this is not the one we expected from yamaha......
  Posted by rajesh at 20th February,2012
the design is not upto the mark......
  Posted by anish at 7th February,2012
i love to b have one
  Posted by danish at 19th November,2011
i love u r15
  Posted by gopinath.r at 19th November,2011
very nice design . i love this bike very much
  Posted by Chetan at 10th November,2011
great look Yamaha bike. Girls like Yamaha bike.......
  Posted by Bike Lover at 24th October,2011
@Victor --- Wow, what an eye opening comment you gave there. And god forbids your mother or sister gets injured (wearing a saree), I am sure you will ask them to change to Denim and tees before taking them to a doc on this bike or they will loose their self respect. Guard is there for a purpose and if you don't like it, just remove it. Yamaha or indian gov is not charging you additional 1lac for the saree guard. Anyways, it's a beautiful bike even with the saree guard.
  Posted by Karandeep singh at 8th October,2011
Awsome looks yr...
  Posted by shinil krishna at 6th October,2011
super bike.i really like it by shinil krishna
  Posted by Karizmatic at 5th October,2011
Good to see Yamaha sticking to it's racing instinct tag. I've always loved the R15 and the new version I love it even more. For those looking at a practical Yam, there is always the SZ series.
  Posted by nimbooz at 5th October,2011
a grt rival for cbr
  Posted by Karthik at 4th October,2011
The Pillion seat should be big like Suzuki GS 150R. I thought of taking FZ or fazer, but my family denied as the back seat is too small and uncomfortable for the people sitting back. Will Yamaha look at this and rectify it...
  Posted by sushant d raut at 2nd October,2011
the specs seems to be awesome. this 150cc bike should have been given 120 section tire instead of 130, a quick throttle will do its work better on this, the riders footrest arms should have been adjustable & even the gear pedal lever should have been adjustable to match everyone's riding position according to their height
  Posted by Jim Gorde at 1st October,2011
I think it needs MORE POWER! :)
  Posted by Victor at 1st October,2011
Nice to see that BSM has finally brought up the absurdity of a saree guard on modern bikes. Just shows how our obstinate bureaucracy is still stuck in a time warp. Can you imagine anyone who rides a bike like this taking a saree-clad woman on the pillion? I mean, look at that rear seat. Would any self-respecting woman want to sit astride that wearing a saree?! But I guess it's a law just so that law enforcers can make some money off the so-called offenders when they discard it.
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