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  Sunday, Nov 29, 2015
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REVIEW! Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport - Swifter!
Wed love to have this on our roads. Our European correspondent Nick Hall drives the Swift Sport.
By : Nick Hall | Published : January 14, 2012 | Photos : Wolfgang Beier
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Hot hatchbacks are getting bigger, more powerful and more bloated with electronic aids, creature comforts and safety gear. To compensate, manufacturers have thrown ever more horsepower at their pocket rockets, and the romance has gone. Step forward the Suzuki Swift Sport, a spiritual successor to the old world hot hatch and the answer to a whole new niche in the process.

Europe is flat-lining and North America is gasping for air. The emerging markets are the likes of India, Brazil and China. All of them are congested to hell and city dwellers need a cheap, compact car that’s easy to park, relatively frugal and low on emissions. If they can have a little fun at the end of the day then the car is a winner.

Suzuki has simply smashed it with the Swift, selling more than 6,00,000 worldwide since 2005. And I hear it’s a major hit in India as well. The original Swift Sport, launched in the summer of 2006, made up more than 80,000 of these — unfortunately, it never made it to India. The recipe was simple: a lightweight, cheap, involving, front-wheel drive hatchback that would put a smile on the face whenever it left the drive. Now I think it’s time you petitioned Maruti Suzuki to get yourselves the new Swift Sport in India.


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  Posted by Kannan at 1st March,2012
I am getting more and more frustrated as I keep reading that Swift Sport 2012 is being launched in every other country but not in India. The recent launch is in Australia. This I am sure is making the loyal customers like me to look for similar options from other brands.
  Posted by RajaSekar at 12th February,2012
Hello MARUTI SUZUKI, More car freaks waiting for SWiFT SPORT in INDIA. So please do favor for us. Im very much interested to buy this car. For now, just announce the date of launch. Waiting..........
  Posted by Himanshu at 6th February,2012
Awesome look!! Planning to buying it.
  Posted by WeWantAHotHatch at 16th January,2012
did you hear that bsm? "petition suzuki"; lets get cracking then? its the nature of the market primarily run by greed where every car co is so busy playing the 'econo family hatch volume game' unable to think beyond, the idea of making 'performance' affordable doesnt occur.. and if only they werent being run by old age pensioners there are enough enthusiasts who would readily pay a premium (within reason though, still india we are talking about). Timely article considering the arrival of the megapriced mini ..i guess car cos have 'cracked' the market here - buyers are shallow enough and dont care if its a donkey pulling under the hood as long as the sheetmetal looks cool..
  Posted by j at 14th January,2012
Bring it here please Maruti. After the fiat GTX there hasn't been anything in the budget performance market.
  Posted by Siddharth at 14th January,2012
I just wish somebody would cram some sort of sense into the decision makers at Maruti. There is enough proof that people in India love the Swift, there's even more proof that they'd love something sporty. The Swift Sport could be the best thing Maruti could do, at least a factory tuned 'sporty' car would be better than the crap some of the 'tuners' here churn up. WAKE-UP Maruti. Please.
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