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  Wednesday, Dec 02, 2015
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REVIEW! Hero Impulse
The Impulse gets the 12-point treatment!
By : Kartik Ware | Published : October 17, 2011
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Variety is meant to be the spice of life, as the say. If it’s true, then Indian motorcyclists have a new flavour to choose now! After Bajaj with their SX Enduro, no motorcycle manufacturer has bothered to give us an on-off roader, something that makes most sense for our road conditions. If you’ve always wanted a dirt-basher on two wheels, the wait is over! They did it back in 1999 with the CBZ and they’ve created a new segment again in 2011. Say hello to Hero MotoCorp’s Impulse! 


1. Looks the part, doesn’t it? For many, the Impulse will be a refreshing break from the commuter/streetbike/sportsbike proportions that dominate traffic on our roads.

2. The Impulse’s stance is a product of that 19-inch front/17-inch rear on-off road tyres, the long-travel front suspension and the huge 245 mm ground clearance. Don’t worry, though - the Impulse is not too tall, and will fit most riders very well.


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blog comments powered by Disqus
  Posted by Neshpatel at 7th April,2012
very good look but price are very high so not in mood to challange my self to buy.
  Posted by abilash at 2nd March,2012
a good looking bike with attractive body graphics,but doubles riding is some what tough to handle with this....!
  Posted by ranganath at 9th January,2012
really a nice bike for crazy stunt man
  Posted by nikhil at 29th December,2011
what is the power of impulse
  Posted by Sac at 27th December,2011
Pros: Comfort riding, Good Balance, Nice look and tall stance Cons: Silencer heat impacts pillon during long drive, cannot be parked in busy roads or shops due to no center stand and weak horn for a off road bike.
  Posted by Thandava Murthy at 27th December,2011
Wat's the milage of this bike......?
  Posted by Hare Ram Singh at 26th December,2011
Mind blowing bike
  Posted by Mitesh at 26th December,2011
Average is 55
  Posted by Gazali at 24th December,2011
what is the average of impulse???
  Posted by Shamsu at 20th December,2011
  Posted by ashish patel at 11th December,2011
awesome bike....i wannna it nw....lve it
  Posted by Tarun at 9th December,2011
I take a test drive of IMPULSE. I don't like it's pickup but in look it good.
  Posted by sample123 at 8th December,2011
good looking but the front look wont attract anyone
  Posted by Akshay at 7th December,2011
1 NUMBER BIKE HAI RE MAMU. I'M loving it!!!
  Posted by suhail at 5th December,2011
nice bike
  Posted by Bhupendra singh at 5th December,2011
Wow it is for youngstars bike n i like to drive it.
  Posted by Saurav at 22nd November,2011
is the lighting directly connected to battery like karizma.
  Posted by nidhin at 20th November,2011
its nice. its for new generation only they lik it....
  Posted by NIKHIL DAS at 19th November,2011
it is for youth its for me its a youth atracter
  Posted by dharani daran.m at 18th November,2011
tell me wats the milage,performance and top speed.
  Posted by Prashant Thakur at 16th November,2011
Nice bike, dashing look ,,,,
  Posted by lalit kaushik at 15th November,2011
impulse is very sporty and youth will be atterct . but it's rear break is not disc.
  Posted by kurera at 11th November,2011
next genaration motorbike! i like it.
  Posted by vicky choudhary at 11th November,2011
I can't see any foot pegs for a passenger. Are you sure the Impulse caters for a second person?
  Posted by chetan at 15th November,2011
  dude there is lotz of space for pillion to seat....i had been gone through every details whether the bike can hold a second person behind as iam married and also having child 1 yr by going from every detail i finally booked the bike....but yes only 1 major issue during rainy season how much mud we gonna face on our body unless until there could be a modification avail to bring down the mud guard of front side rear one i didn't found much prob....anyways we should welcome this bike itz really a remedy for rough pot holes and highly mounted speed breaker roads.
  Posted by CHITTARANJAN TRIPATHY at 11th November,2011
  Posted by DARSHU at 10th November,2011
Realy It's Gud I m waiting this Bikeeeee, lookinggg gud , but we don't no the performance , Its suitable for Countryyyyy side???
  Posted by mohamed at 10th November,2011
this is the hero motor corp first launch bike n hero impulse so pepole's are more expected in this bike
  Posted by Kerry Hilton at 29th October,2011
I can't see any foot pegs for a passenger. Are you sure the Impulse caters for a second person?
  Posted by praveen pothodi at 26th October,2011
informative and reader friendly presentation. Seat height(saddle height) inclution may be helpfull for bikers of 165cms like me!
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