Renault Twizy EV 45 can driven by 14-year olds

Now European kids can drive their own cars when they turn 14! All thanks to Renault, which has worked on a quadracycle called the Twizy EV 45. The new legislation in Europe allows a child at an age of fourteen to drive this car on the roads, especially in France.

This quadricycle looks small but is sufficient to accommodate two. The car looks smart from its exteriors and is ideal for a teen to drive at the age of fourteen. The car is just below 500kgs and thus the quadricycle tag is apt for such a car.


The Renault Twizy EV45 is a two-seater car, which is powered by an electric battery, which can run for 97 kilometres at a stretch with full charge. The battery on the other hand takes around three hours to reach its max output. The battery provides the car with some twenty horses of power, which is capable to take the car up to 50km/hr. The idea behind this car is easy to maneuver in traffic and also an alternate for two-wheeler. It is much more safer than an average hatchback in India. It consists of safety features like the airbags, ABS, disc brakes and occupant protective cells. Renault claims the car to have a turning radius of 3-4 metres and hence east to use in congested areas of the city.

Twizy 1

However, not all 14 year kids will be handed over this car, they will have to pass the France road safety test to be fit to ride this quadricycle. But it is an important point to be kept in our Indian minds especially Indian government to change few legislative rules for considering such an option for kids to have their own transport medium at the age of fourteen. This is an excellent alternative for bikes in country like India. This Twizy EV45 was showcased at the 2012 Paris Motor Show by Renault and has bought it to the European market this year. If given a thought by the Government of India, our kids could also dream of driving so called quadricycle when they turn fourteen.

Source : MotorOctane