Renault Scala CVT Launched


You've read all about the upcoming Renault Scala CVT in our web review. Well, it's finally here in the mass market.
The Scala CVT, called the X-Tronic, comes in two variants, the RxL and RxZ, of which the RxL is priced at Rs 8.99 Lakh while the RxZ is priced slightly higher at Rs 9.89 Lakh.

For comparisons sake, the manual transmission versions of the car are priced at RS. 7.9 Lakh for the Petrol RxL and Rs 9.6 Lakh for the manual version of the RxZ variant.

At the current prices, the Scala X-Tronic does seem to be priced a little on the higher side, but the convenience and ease of use it offers could be well worth it for those that have a city-based commute.


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