Quick road test: Honda CBR 150R

The best thing about the CBR 150R is the way it looks. Although virtually identical to the 250, the bright colours make the 150 stand out.

The 149.4 cc, 17.58 bhp single cylinder, liquid cooled and fuel injected motor is refined and silent. Although making those 17.58 bhp at 10500 rpm, the motor takes its own time to pick up revs.

Riding in traffic needs multiple gearshifts to keep the motor in its element. On the highway, anything below 60 kph in top gear will cause the engine to knock in protest.

Riding position is comfortable. Less extreme than the R15.




Ride quality is descent. Only the worst potholes will hassle the suspension.

The dynamics of the CBR are conducive to enthusiastic cornering. Pit it into a corner and it tracks true. The sticky MRF Zappers also contribute to this factor.

On a mixed test covering city roads and highways, the CBR returned 40 kpl.

Lack of essentials like an engine kill switch and a headlight flasher trigger are a disappontment, especially with the CBR's premium pricing of Rs. 1,26,488 ex-showroom, Mumbai.

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