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  Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015
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Pulsar 135LS vs Honda Stunner FI. HEAD to HEAD
They're both fun and frugal but which one should you buy?
By : Kartik Ware | Published : March 15, 2010 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji / Aneesh Shivanekar
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'Small capacity motorcycles in India are workhorses.' There was a time not too long ago when this statement was true. Not any more. A couple of years back, the Honda Stunner waltzed into the Indian motorcycling scene and changed the way we look at commuters. Whoever said only big bikes can have all the fun? The Stunner added 'fun' to 'frugal' and created a segment all its own. And the sharp new Pulsar 135LS is set to take that segment by storm. So, let's see which one's more fun, shall we?  

Sharp or Suave?
Right from the off, let me say that the Pulsar is the better looking of the two, though that rear mudguard would do one of Kyle's oldies proud. Nevertheless, the P135 looks fresh, lithe and sportier than any small-capacity Indian motorcycle to date. Bajaj has done a great job of ensuring that prospective buyers will take more than one look at the P135, and that's half the battle won. And you get all the kit too - clip-ons, comprehensive digital meters, back-lit switches, alloys and LED tail light. The Stunner only has one of these and no tachometer. However, the little Honda feels more substantial than the Pulsar. And though it's not as racy looking as the Bajaj, it has a certain charm to it. Ever seen a shy but beautiful girl in plain blue jeans and a white T-shirt and thought 'Wow'? That's what the Stunner is, while the Pulsar comes across as the outdoorsy girl, fresh from a trip to a designer clothes store. I'd choose a bike depending on whom I was picking up. 

Anyway, the Stunner's experience with us could be likened to that of an American soldier in a Vietnamese war camp. In spite of all the thrashing that we've put it through, the Stunner has held itself together like the finest British butler, never mind the loose chain, worn brake pads, missing mirrors and age-old engine oil. It's still as smooth and refined as ever and also remains rattle free. You can still see the golden bits shine like new when you run a finger through the dirt that covers them. About time for some much-deserved TLC, then. The Pulsar is well-built too, much better than what we've seen on small Bajaj bikes so far, though a little work on finer details is needed. The welding finish on the end of the exhaust can, for example, is one thing the bike could have done without. And I'm sure the ungainly metal rod frame holding the rear mudguard in place could be done away with and a better looking bracket designed for the purpose. Don't presume I'm nitpicking for no reason at all. If Bajaj takes their bikes to the next level, motoring journos are obliged to do the same to their game too! Anyhow, at the end of it all, when you crash either bike while trying to roll your stoppies that little bit farther, it will be the Stunner that holds together for longer. To be fair, it won't be by that much.
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  Posted by jai at 5th February,2012
I'm like stunner
  Posted by Pradeesh P Kumar at 4th December,2011
I had liked this article about PULSAR135 &Stunner
  Posted by Pradeesh P Kumar at 4th December,2011
  Posted by Biker at 25th August,2011
I own Black SBF Stunner. believe me guys the bike is stunning, comfortable , eye catchy looks, superb handling, pick up and smooth engine.. what more can u expect from a 125 cc bike. I agree Pulsar 135 has got funky techo meters and crosses 100 easily which stunner lacks,beyond 70 stunner vibrates a bit but it gives awesome stability and durability.. guys it's not about getting 115 but quality at the end. hence forth stunner is a better deal. Go for it
  Posted by Aditya.rohit muzaffarpur at 31st July,2011
Honda stunner is best look
  Posted by Subhash at 27th July,2011
I own a Silver coloured Mar 2011 Stunner. Its been more than a year and this bike has been a consistent companion in my daily activities. The CBF stunner is basically tuned for city performance with quicker pick up and better mileage(60+)and 65+ at highways. I would recommend all to go for this bike not for its looks but for its durability. Rest is up to you !
  Posted by Darshneet at 1st July,2011
Hey guys just go for has amazing pic up..this bike rocks..the stunts are done very easy in this bike..i proud 2 b a pulsar135owner..and my frndz who own stunners are jst holding there heads.
  Posted by arun sirohi at 23rd May,2011
hi guyz, stunner is much better than p-135
  Posted by ALI at 22nd February,2011
  Posted by AARYAN at 20th February,2011
bajaj rokzzz.... honda is bullshit in front of p135 cmprd to stunner...pulsar comes with many new things...which r in demand...wht stunner have??jst bullshit analogue console..simple tail tachometer...only 11 bhp.. whr pulsar ir fully loaded machine.coms wth digital cnsole LED tail light,amazing switches on handle with white lighs.which r eye catching...13.5 bhp...superb whw a150 cc byk comes with 14 bhp normally...sufficint to f**k ny 150 cc byk..nd assli***r stunner..sound is xtremly hard..whch gives powerful go for p 135 guyzzz...i m also a proud ownr or pulsar135LS..go fr it guyzz surely...
  Posted by yoman at 3rd December,2010
@AVS P135 will diappear...? If you know the facts right , it is the 2nd largest selling bike in india in 150 cc segment(it's considered there, not amongst 125's) .Secondly seating position is good & sporty & Thirdly , HeroHonda did & will be of better quality BUT recent pulsar bikes of just a shy short behind in quality . I cannot find measurable quality difference b/w a p135 & a stunner.
  Posted by AVS at 19th November,2010
The bike is only an advanced version of the late discover 135 and XCD, but the brand name" PULSAR" helps it to draw attention of the youngsters. The bike's engine is somehow more refined than the early Discover 125. In case of comfort the bike fails. The suspension is good. But the seating position is a failure. The bike gives good mileage as all bajaj bikes. After 2 years the engine refinement will sure decrease. P135 also have a chance to disappear from the market as CT100, Platina 100cc, Platina 125cc, XCD 125cc, XCD 135cc, Discover125 cc, the late discover 100cc, Discover135cc. But The honda and HH will retain their bikes for long periods so that spare parts are plenty in the market.
  Posted by Jis at 19th November,2010
If you want to have reduced backpain and performane+ comfort then only go for stunner due to its seating position and comfort. If you just need a 135cc bike then go for Pulsar135
  Posted by funky boyz at 19th November,2010
If you are a true bike lover, Don't compare Honda with Bajaj except 220cc segment( Bcz honda is absent in that segment)
  Posted by yo man at 16th November,2010
Hi Ive recently bought a p135 as well as my friend bought a stunner carb version, these r of about the same price & same fuel economy BUT..Performance or p-135 is MUCH faster than stunner & a lot more fun to, although stunner is more smooth at lower speeds.
  Posted by yoman at 16th November,2010
Hi Ive recently bought a p135 as well as my friend bought a stunner carb version, these r of about the same price & same fuel economy BUT..Performance or p-135 is MUCH faster than stunner & a lot more fun to, although stunner is more smooth at lower speeds.
  Posted by Mohit at 6th November,2010
Man i just bought stunner its realy amazig ..It have all gun blazzing ,,, no where to be compared with this 135 cc bullshit pulsar piece of tin
  Posted by vaun thomas at 21st August,2010
hey.. man.. ma.. stunner... hit 135 almost 140..., n i feel its way better than the pulsar..!i!
  Posted by Vipul Dhasmana at 12th August,2010
Bajaj cannot stand in front Honda. cause HONDA is HONDA. Naam hi Kaafi Hai.. HONDA Rocks...
  Posted by Nova at 4th August,2010
Stunner really look stunning, but thats it!! Nothing more performance to offer. Pulsar 135LS has taken the tech & executive segment to a new level. It is really the way to go for any bike currently in India.
  Posted by aby at 2nd August,2010
dont compare HONDA STUNNER with something else ...killer's a distinction bike
  Posted by Dhiraj at 29th July,2010
Stunner is the best. it is a great handler,great looker, carries oodles of presence.I m sure u will start loving her as i did after owning it. u will admire each every aspect of it. STUNNER ROCKS !!
  Posted by divyang at 20th July,2010
i wanna buy a Bike and confuced HONDA stunner or Pulsar 135ls..... i think in looks stunner is good than pulsar 135 .
  Posted by Sourav Roy at 16th July,2010
I got a Bajaj Platina 100 cc & it now aged almost 1 year. wht I FEEL >> my performs excellently(in it's class of 100cc) & still looks very young. so main point is tht I'm using a Bajaj Product which completely satisfied me. now I'm going to upgrade my-self to 125 cc segment. the Q. is >> did I again go for a bajaj product ?? the ans NO, bcoz bajaj mainly score it's reputation by Platina 100 cc (bcoz of it's Price,looks,performance,durability & millage in tht 100 cc class)& Pulsar 150 cc. other bikes r changed & poor in all aspect bcoz of their un-understandable strategies !!! I'm deciding to go for Honda Stunner & the reason is >> It's HONDA.(bcoz both the bikes hve good looks & almost the sme features, so nt mch debt on those aspects). & the good news is Honda Upgrade it's CBF Sunner with sme small but effective changes. so don't thnk too mch & go for Honda, it gonna b a lfe-tme deal for U my friend.
  Posted by Subash biswal at 11th July,2010
Honda is beter then bajaj becuse i like honda styel
  Posted by rokker at 5th July,2010
honda....stunner is d best in 125cc segment.......both in looks & handling.....its cool......
  Posted by lekhraj007 at 23rd June,2010
hey bros bajaj is better than honda in case of these two bikes.......
  Posted by @luckjanu@ at 28th May,2010
the only bike in india which has 4 valve why u r not launching 150 in the type of 4valve
  Posted by babul at 27th April,2010
He honda guy's build quality not a monopoly of only japanies bike makers indian bike manufactures going to good + good than japanies
  Posted by Velutha at 30th March,2010
Bitterly Dissapointing... Bad Job Kartik, we expect better from you.. Since when did BSM start giving "keep every manufacturer happy" verdicts? what happened to "BSM always has a winner" And LOL to the all the comments of Ignorant Fools here. made the patriot inside me cry!
  Posted by aashish at 29th March,2010
pulsar135 ls(lightsport) is good and cheap from honda stunner
  Posted by ashutosh at 28th March,2010
dude i've bought honda stunner recently... on 26th mar 2010... was in same dillema... all i can say is go 4 it bro... as some1 rightly mentioned, u can't compare bajaj to HONDA.... bajaj will become a pain in ur ass after 2yrs... and who d hell on earth thinks any bike is more stunnin lookwise than stunner?????????? even blind person wouldn't dare such a stunt!! ;-) finally, honda is known 4 quality bro.... it is true, u won't get digital meter, also its 125 cc, but hey that's exaclty all d more reason to not choose something cheap !!!!! inspite of being 125, and sportin traditionaly analog digi...( even honda cbr is analog, btw !!! )it is expensive only 'coz o quality..... and d engine is highly tuned for high performance.... i'm surprised by d pick up i get buddy..... it's more than what i ever expected performance wise.... and yeah her beauty is breathtakin... conclusion: if u want to go for a cheap bike wid lots of stuff and are looking real short term, bajaj may b ur ans. but
  Posted by Giri Raj Mehta at 22nd March,2010
both are good but which one should buy
  Posted by Mahi at 19th March,2010
definetly the honda is better then bajaj, no dought. but here when we compair p135ls and stunner most of the points are in pulsar's favour, u see like power, mileage, features, looks and d over all performance on road and yes surprising after all these the price too. So u see after paying so much for a stunner and getting nothing much, why not go for a P135LS and get a real loaded machine with all that great looks.
  Posted by naveen at 18th March,2010
bajaj is an indian & can be used for 2-3 years(max)... not even have the eligibility to compare with world leader HONDA... If more comes from HONDA, after 5-10 years bajaj wont be in even dreams..... HONDA, THE NAME IS ENOUGH..... So dont be a big fool by taking blunder bajaj... if u proceed, u will realise!!!
  Posted by achillesthe1 at 18th March,2010
m still confused ... d"nt knw why inspire of all the bells & whistles i still fell honda is better ... pulsar"s fell like that they are not built to last ...and given the fact that bajaj constantly keeps changing it"s strategy ... new honda is the1 and itz got a tacho too :)
  Posted by sreenivas at 17th March,2010
honda is better than bajaj.
  Posted by vinod at 2nd April,2010
  hey really frnds pulser sucks because its no so good ya let it be indian company no proble mbut see honda hey cost but reache sthe expectation u test drive one its the best way u can see after test drive definitely u will bur honda PGM FI it rokz
  Posted by cc at 26th March,2010
  bajaj is better
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