Power wagen – G65 AMG


If you thought, though that Mercedes-Benz wasn't upto some mischief at the Beijing Motor show, well you are wrong. Take one shoe box of a G-Wagen and spice it up with a V12 motor that's good for 620 bhp. Yes, the grand daddy has got some serious muscle power and it's gunning for the 'most powerful production SUV' gong. The bi-turbo, V12 G65 AMG with 102 kgm of torque is too insane for words and we are sure, when we step behind the wheel, we are going to mumble something to the same effect. If 620 bhp is too much to handle, then the G63 AMG with a V8 under the hood is still good for 544 bhp, up 42 horses from the earlier generation. Interestingly this one comes with start-stop mode and is a tad more eco conscious, but no less capable of drawing rubber lines on the tarmac. The G350 gets the BlueTec fuel-saving technology as well, making it a bit easier on the environment.

Where the G-Wagen really needed an update was on the insides and it has got a significant update on that front. The centre console and the instrumentation has been completely redesigned, the materials used look more premium while the entertainment system has a new COMAND Online Infotainment system that includes GPS navigation and internet access. Options from this year onwards include Blind Spot Assist, parking assist and adaptive cruise control. As is the trend these days, LED daytime running lights have also been included.

For the saner lot, there's always the G350 CDI and the G500 V8, though they won't be causing your heart to skip a beat anytime soon.


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