Porsche 911 R spotted - EXCLUSIVE

Today we share the snaps of the long rumoured and awaited Porsche 911 R for the first time. Andreas spotted this 911 that was on test and was running without any camouflage.

According to the latest information the 911 R will get the same 3.8 liter naturally aspirated boxer engine thats found in the GT3 delivering some 475 horsepower. But, and here the biggest change, the 911 R will be a manual only compared to the GT3s PDK only option.The 911 R is meant to be a back to basics drivers car and will also lose some weight compared to the GT3.

And as we can see the 911 R is also losing the bigger rear wing from the GT3. But will it be wing-free or will we find a ducktail at the back when its time for a debut at the Geneva Car Show in March? If Porsche are really thinking about its heritage there will be no ducktail nor a wing at the back but just a clean look just like the original 911 R from 1967. Only 22911 R where made in 1967 and even if the modern 91 R will be limited we are just hoping they will make more than 22 this time.

Source : MotorOctane