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  Monday, Nov 30, 2015
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Piaggio shows small car concept for India
To eventually go into production in India and other Asian markets
By : BSM desk | Published : November 08, 2010 | Photos : BSM
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Piaggio small car India
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Well, the micro/city-car bug has bitten the two wheeler manufacturers after all. Ever since Bajaj announced its plans to develop a small city car with Renault and Nissan, the other two and three-wheeled manufacturers have been watching this space with interest. And now, it's the turn of Piaggio, manufacturers of Vespa scooters and Ape three and four-wheeler commercial vehicles to jump into the fray.

At the EICMA show late last week, they showed a three-seat small car concept for markets such as India, Vietnam and South East Asia. Called the NT3, the concept measures no more than 2.4 metres long, making it shorter than even the 2.64 metre long Mahindra (Maini) Reva. Using a seating layout very similar to the McLaren F1 supercar, the driver and the steering wheel sit in the centre with the passengers on either side, slightly offset to the rear.

The NT3 uses a spaceframe structure with a crash box to give it rigidity and keep the occupants in a safety cocoon. Using a flexible platform that can be used for diverse transport applications, the NT3 is also designed to utilize a hybrid powertrain.

Three powertrains have been designed for the NT3. A basic 200cc motor, a more powerful 300c motor that uses technology from the Piaggio Mp3 three-wheeled scooter and a 300cc hybrid motor that mates the internal combustion engine to a electric powerpack form the triumvirate of options. The latter is designed to travel at top speed of 80 kph, with the electric pack designed to solely run the car at speeds of 30 kph or under. All these motors are designed to deliver over 30 kpl under standard test conditions.

The rest of the car is pretty much traditional small car in construction using McPherson struts at the front and "Omega" suspension at the rear that also acts as the load bearing carrier for the powertrain. No discussion about price tags or launch dates have yet been discussed, but we think it will be priced a little above Rs 1 lakh and go up to Rs 2 lakh for the hybrid version with its launch in the next 18-24 months. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  Posted by s.vijayagopal, chennai at 10th December,2011
a car should be viewed / reviewed like a transporting vehicle. People buy car when reliable / credible public transport system is not available or the available system is not convenient and comfortable. a car gives shelter unlike a two wheeler when travelling. Do 4 persons always travel in a car. Many times not. 95 % of the times only single or two persons travel in a car except in a taxi. People catch Public autos when he is not able to drive a two wheeler or when he can not afford a real car always aspiring for a luxurious ride instead of an urgent transportation. Then why disgracefully down grade an auto looking car when it is sold for an affordable price. That is why Nano raised such a hype. however it failed because of engineering snags and fire accidents as also it was not so affordable as advertised to be. The concept was brilliant. Only thing is the product should be good and tactfully priced
  Posted by Petrohead at 3rd December,2011
As an employee of Piaggio i dont have any idea that when will it hit the market.. I fear that it ll face same acceptance issues as the Nano.. It ll hit the road no earlier than 3-4 years and thats minimum..
  Posted by arun at 19th April,2011
super style
  Posted by Aftab at 15th April,2011
Car is good but we interested in piaggio 2 wheelers so if u know anything please mail me asap. Hope so very soon reply.
  Posted by deepak at 23rd December,2010
its just a ape three wheeler
  Posted by Singh at 8th December,2010
The Piaggio car concept for India is a great idea. Lets by a
  Posted by Ramling Raju at 11th November,2010
  Posted by Motorhead at 10th November,2010
The Nano is facing acceptance issues just because its dimensions remind many of an auto, and it doesn't feel like a 'proper' car. What fate then awaits such a ham-headed concept where the seating is exactly like an auto - 3 seats with the driver sitting up front (alone in the middle), and passengers in the back?! What next - will it have a floor-mounted hand-operated starter lever also, instead of a decent electric start? The release compares it to the mighty McLaren F1 (!), and goes on to mention 'flexible platform supports diverse transport applications'. Doesnt that translate to carrier autos? I am disappointed that you guys add ZERO commentary when reporting these news pieces. No criticism, no analysis - just plain praise and rehashed press releases. Sigh.
  Posted by Devyani at 9th November,2010
It's all very well to have this three-seater coming out. But what I'd really like to know is this - when is the Reva NXG coming out in the market? I've heard that it is out in some cities. Is this true?
  Posted by win at 9th November,2010
I like it very much
  Posted by Dr P C Rao, at 9th November,2010
Good show,and there will be a split in the market over Nano and Maruti Cervos, which is still not coming from Maruti stables. But nothing to match 30Km per litre for a Lakh, will be a steal.Hope the Service will be taken care off well, so that people will not complain. Dr P C Rao.Pune
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