Philips launches clean air system to tackle pollution inside cars

December 29, 2015: It is not just atmospheric pollution and smog that should be of concern to motorists. According to multinational Royal Philips, there are dangerous pollutants within a car as well, which need to be tackled.

The company has just launched in India its ‘GoPure Compact 110,’ a plug-and-play automotive clean air system, which with its three-layer filtration process removes air pollutants from within a vehicle. The company claims the system eliminates 99 per cent of suspended particulate matters including cigarette smoke, dust and airborne viruses and bacteria.

It also neutralises and removes up to 99 per cent of toxic gaseous chemicals, which are caused by exhaust fumes. GoPure Compact 110, which is being sold for around Rs8,000, can be safely installed on the armrest, headrest or under the seats.

Unveiling the product, Rajiv Khosla, managing director, Lumileds India, a Philips subsidiary, remarked: “Given the fact that most urban Indians spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles, we are confident that this measure will improve the overall health quotient for vehicle owners and their families.”