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Panamera S Hybrid at Geneva Motor Show


Porsche is all set to launch the new Panamera S Hybrid. And the grand unveiling of the car will happen at the Geneva Motor Show. The new Gran Turismo combines the total power output of 380 hp (279 kW) with a claimed best case consumption of only 6.8 l per 100 km of fuel. That equates to CO2 emissions of just 159 g/km. This puts the Panamera S Hybrid ahead of other full hybrid production vehicles in the luxury class, when it comes to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Michelin’s even lower rolling resistance all-season tyres developed specially for the Panamera and available as an option help it achieve these figures.

The Panamera S Hybrid accelerates from a standing start to 100 kph (62 mph) in 6.0 seconds, reaching top speed at 270 kph (168 mph). The range in purely electric mode is approximately two kilometres (1.24 miles) with electric driving possible up to 85 kph (53 mph), depending on the driving situation. The Porsche hybrid drive is also the only system in the world able to exploit additional consumption reserves thanks to so-called 'sailing' on motorways and main roads. This entails disengaging and switching off the combustion engine at speeds of up to 165 km/h (103 mph) during phases when no power is being delivered by the combustion engine.

The Panamera S Hybrid is driven by the same engine combination that has already proved itself in the Cayenne S Hybrid: the main propulsion is provided by a three litre V6 compressor engine delivering 333 hp (245 kW) supportedby a 47 hp (34 kW) electric motor.

With the new hybrid variant, the Panamera model line now comprises six different models.