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  Sunday, Nov 29, 2015
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New Swift to be a frugal sipper
Launching next month and likely to be more fuel efficient
By : Swaraj Baggonkar | Published : July 07, 2011
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Maruti Suzuki Swift, India’s top-selling premium car, has gone under complete transformation. The new Swift, which the country’s biggest car maker — Maruti Suzuki India Ltd — plans to launch next month, is more fuel-efficient. It will come with 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel variants.

The new model, built on a slightly longer yet new platform, will be more roomy, lighter and return better mileage than the current generation Swift. Besides, engineers have also achieved a substantial reduction in the overall weight of the car by replacing the metal fuel tank with a plastic tank. This will improve its fuel efficiency by a little over 13 per cent.


This will be the first major face-lift for the Swift since it was launched six years ago. Pricing details of the new car has not been shared by the company.

The new Swift will be produced at the company’s Manesar facility in Haryana, which has recently seen labour unrest. The petrol variant will return a mileage of around 20 km a litre, as compared to 17.9 km per litre certified by the Automotive Research Association of India. Similarly, the diesel model will deliver around 23.8 km per litre, as against the existing 21 km a litre.

For installing the plastic fuel tanks, Maruti Suzuki India has tied up with France’s Plastic Omnium, the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic fuel tanks.

According to an industry expert, plastic fuel tanks are usually 25-35 per cent lighter than the conventional metal tanks. Besides, these are corrosion-free, durable, non-explosive and easily recyclable.

Maruti Suzuki India has entered into a tripartite joint venture with Suzuki Motor Corporation and Plastic Omnium to manufacture fuel tanks at the Manesar facility.

An industry official stated, “With the replacement of the metal fuel tank with the plastic tank, the general idea was to bring down the overall weight of the Swift. The company was working on other areas too where the weight can be reduced. This was achieved through continuous efforts.”

The new plastic tank manufacturing facility, Inergy Automotive Systems Manufacturing India Private Ltd, was inaugurated in Manesar on Monday.

Maruti may also offer a four-speed automatic transmission option in the petrol version, besides the regular five-speed manual.

Preferred for its big car feel, solid build quality, ride and comfort the car been the market leader in the premium hatchback segment in India despite several launches by competition.

The Swift, which is available in petrol, diesel and CNG versions and priced between Rs 3.9-5.5 lakh, sells close to 12,000 units every month. It recorded a growth of 21 per cent last year selling over 140,000 units as against 116,000 units sold in the previous year.

The Swift accounts for about 25 per cent of the hatchback segment, and competes with Hyundai i20, Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Fabia, Nissan Micra, Fiat Punto and Toyota Liva.

Reports suggest that Maruti is preparing to launch a new Swift Dzire, which will be cheaper and will probably hit the market by early 2012.


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  Posted by sadat ali at 13th July,2011
pls tell the differene in price of new swift & old swift
  Posted by nik at 12th July,2011
sad sad sad, why dont you guys ask car cos to do something about the engines, because it seems car cos are now officially run by all sas bahu WOMEN, all changes are COSMETIC! Where are the BHP increases?? where is the 90bhp for the swift? so seriously is it such a big deal to fit a sportier engine? IS IT ALWAYS GOING TO BE ABOUT MAKING MONEY????!!! more money more money ya greedy bakets nothing here for the driver; car mags are useless to not revolt by refusing to publish cosmetic changes;
  Posted by Karan at 11th July,2011
LOL. 13% extra on 8kmpl means just 9 kmpl. Sounds like winner :-)
  Posted by Prasad Puro at 9th July,2011
"The Swift, which is available in petrol, diesel and CNG versions" - Is the CNG piece true?
  Posted by sp at 8th July,2011
Maruti has addressed all the issues from the previous swift with this new iteration. They've even improved the interiors !! and now the fuel economy. I think the new swift will be ahead of the competition. They need to rapidly ramp up volumes and cut waiting periods. Especially for the diesel.
  Posted by Amit Kumar Aggarwal at 8th July,2011
maruti swift diesel version it is wonderfull full car as pe market, i think it is right investment in competition marke.
  Posted by zumit at 7th July,2011
Preferred for its big car feel, solid build quality, ride and comfort ------- You must be kidding; it has big car feel maybe only on the outside...inside its pretty dark & stingy on space. In fact its all creepy inside with the black interiors. Solid build quality that rattles after few thousand kilometres. And as far as ride is concerned well the comfort is surely not there with the hard ride rattling the body more making you plug your ears or crank-up the volume of your music system just to console youself that it sounds better inside :)
  Posted by Yash at 7th July,2011
Fingers crossed. Wish it had more space than the outgoing model. But it seems space comes at a premium. Otherwise it always has been a good car. Now waiting for its true competitor, the Fiat Punto Evo to be launched in India.
  Posted by drpullockaran at 7th July,2011
Are you guys on Opium; calling the Swift a solidly built car with ride and comfort to boot!!! By any chance were you driving any of the bigger hatch backs with European pedigree when you wrote down this line? Please get back to reality or was this your wish list for the new Swift?
  Posted by Godwin AG at 7th July,2011
i dont think the new Swift Dzire sedan will come cheaper because the new Swift will be priced 30K more than the current version as per reports. May be they can price the Dzire at the same price with the help of the reduction of excise duty for cars under 4m
  Posted by rankaraj venkatachalam at 7th July,2011
this article very useful for me because iam waiting still 6months for buy the car rhankyou business standard motoring
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