New Porsche SUV to be called Macan


Not too long ago, Porsche was one of the very few manufacturers which survived by making just sports cars, but that all changed when the Cayenne came out. There was outrage among the purists, but the sales numbers don't lie. The Cayenne was a huge success for Porsche.

In hopes of replicating that success, Porsche is bringing out an SUV which will slot in below the Cayenne. Internally, it was known as the Cajun earlier, which stood for Cayenne Junior. It's now been officially named the Macan. The word Macan is Indonesian for Tiger, which is what the car aims to personify.


The Macan will be loosely based on the Audio Q5 SUV and thus might share drivetrain options too. All the variants will come with full time all-wheel-drive. Later on in the model cycle, a turbo and hybrid model are also planned.

Production of the Macan will start in early 2013 at Porsche's Leipzig alongside the Cayenne. To meet the projected demand, the capacity at the plant is being increased.