NEW! Porsche Boxster drives in


Porker fans have a treat in store for them! The new Porsche Boxster is now here and the car gets considerable changes this time around. The open-top two-seater comes with a new lightweight body and a revamped chassis. This means it's lighter than before and given the fact that the engine puts out more power, this is likely to make the Boxster quicker too!

So what are the changes that Porsche has made to the new Boxster? Well, we've already told you about the lightweight body and revamped chassis, but the car now also has a longer wheelbase, wider track and larger wheels too. Porsche claims this will enhance the mid-engine sports car's driving dynamics and the car comes with a new electro-mechanical power steering.


Under the hood is a 2.7 litre 265 bhp engine, 10 bhp more than the previous gen Boxster. The Boxster S comes with a 3.4-litre engine that delivers 315 bhp, five more than the previous generation car.

Styling changes are also present - the new Boxster has shorter overhangs, a forward-shifted windscreen, flatter silhouette and restyled edges. Passengers are enclosed by a re-designed, electric hood, which dispenses with a convertible top compartment lid. The interior offers more space, and reflects the new Porsche outline, with a raked centre console which originated with the Carrera GT.

The new Boxster boasts superior performance, with 15 per cent more fuel efficiency. Depending on model, it consumes significantly less than eight litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.

The new Porsche Boxster and Boxster S are available for order as of today with first deliveries starting in June this year.  The basic retail price for the Boxster in the GCC is 53,654 USD, whereas the Boxster S is available from 59,154 USD.