New Maserati GranTurismo Sport to be unveiled at Geneva

In the Fiat group, the main performance car brand would be Ferrari, but Maserati is not too far behind. With engines and some tuning expertise borrowed from Ferrari and beautiful designs, it's not surprising that they are just as sought after as the Ferraris. This year at the Geneva motor show, Maserati is unveiling the new GranTurismo coupe to the world.

The car now sports a revised front fascia with redesigned air-dams to better channel the airflow. Brake cooling and engine cooling are better now with the new bumper. Headlights are also tweaked, now sporting LED daytime running lights around the main beam. On the inside, the changes are limited to new seats and a new, meatier, steering wheel.

Powering this sleek coupe is a 4.7-litre V08 engine that makes 460 bhp, so you're bound to have some fun behind the wheel of this beast.

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