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  Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
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New! KTM Duke 200 review and test ride
The orange baby bruiser is here at long last. And we ride it!
By : Kartik Ware | Published : December 06, 2011 | Photos : Aneesh Shivanekar
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The Duke 200, like a true streetfighter, wants to put its ear to the ground at the first sign of a corner and keep doing it over and over again until those 110/70 front and 150/60 rear tyres are frayed at the edges - this little KTM possesses poise and balance that is beyond its segment. And that is all thanks to clever packaging, light weight and other things that nerds love to read about. The Duke 200 flows through corners like water going down an amusement park slide, light and quick. It makes all kinds of corners seem as easy as straights and is more graceful than a troupe of ballerinas in the way it dances through curves.    

One of the things I like most about the Duke 200 is the radially mounted front brake calliper. The first such brake in India, the sheer braking force via the 280 mm disc is eye-popping and the Duke loves stoppies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. And in case you’re wondering, the Duke loves wheelies too. Not that we did either of these naughty things. Overall, the Duke 200 never wants to take it easy, forever compelling the rider to oblige by riding harder and harder. And that’s no bad thing at all. 


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blog comments powered by Disqus
  Posted by abhijit paul, silchar at 21st February,2012
what is milage of Ktm Duke 200cc?
  Posted by pankaj at 8th February,2012
seems my eyes are eagerly waiting 2 hv a sigh of this bike ; wanna buy ds bike as soon as possible
  Posted by mitesh patel at 30th January,2012
This is nice bike i want to ride it soon.
  Posted by Aalaap Ghag at 30th January,2012
"top-secret Saree Guard Departments" Ahahahha!
  Posted by Manu at 30th January,2012
Should i wait for the new Pulsar 200ns or go for KTM duke 200.
  Posted by Shiva at 27th January,2012
25ponies in 200cc mill at 1.77lakhs it's the most outrageous bike woooo
  Posted by Pravin D at 15th January,2012
this bike is packed with all the goodies what a rider wants, god bless if its priced below 1.3 L OTR, she will slap all the highly priced bikes with old design
  Posted by Veeru at 9th December,2011
This is certainly going to shake up the premium bike segment. What a looker and going by the review performance/handling seem to compliment the looks, if that's the case then there is no stopping this one. At last we got perfect anti-thesis to faired bikes.
  Posted by hritik at 8th December,2011
end of the road for r15 n cbr
  Posted by rajat at 6th December,2011
looking dashing......
  Posted by Manoj N G at 6th December,2011
If priced at 1.2 lakh, this KTM would be a mouth-watering prospect, which will seriously threaten the likes of Yam R15
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