Monsoon car care tips!

During monsoons, getting behind the wheel can be dangerous. Slippery roads, unexpected wind gusts, flooded highways, and poor visibility, all these contribute to difficult driving conditions. 

So here are some tips from Cardekho and Ford India to help you drive safely this monsoon. As your vehicle will be dealing with the downpour, keep a check on your car's condition i.e brakes, steering system, tyre pressures, tyre tread depth. Always carry an emergency kit with the car to avoid stress during the breakdown. The kit should meet your individual needs and be equipped with items ranging from spares, torch, fuses, tyre inflators, to safety kits and other items to attract or provide help. Make sure that your wipers are in good condition and functioning properly. If the blades are brittle or damaged, replace them before the rains begin. Allow sufficient wetting of the windscreen prior to using the wipers to avoid scratching of the windscreen owing to dry wipe. Always maintain correct cold tyre pressures as recommended in the owner's manual for different loads. Use the de-frost mode with AC-ON in fresh air mode to clear the windscreen of condensation whenever the windscreen gets fogged up. Always keep the headlights onn, but at low beam, while driving in rains, as its better for highlighting your car for others. Its better to avoid sudden braking, as the car probably slip. It is preferable to come to a lower speed before coming to a complete halt. Maintain a good distance from the vehicle ahead of you. And do not follow large buses or trucks too closely, as it can be risky. Avoid deep pools of water. Besides, there is a possibility of serious damage to the bumper or radiator, if you drive into a deep pool. Be careful and alert for stop signs and things blocking the road. Try to avoid new unfamiliar places, as you are unaware of the condition of road. First-of-all try to avoid driving through mud or slush, if still somehow stuck in it, now shift to first or second gear and accelerate slowly. And don’t spin the wheels as the vehicle could get embedded deeper in the sludge.

Source : CarDekho