Mohali plans cycling tracks

January 4, 2016: In a bid to curb pollution, the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (Gmada) has selected seven roads which will have cycling tracks. The roads will be widened up to 100 ft to enable cyclists to ride on the tracks. 

Mohali forms part of the Chandigarh tri-city along with Panchkula and Chandigarh. While Mohali has ambitious plans for cycling tracks, the experience of other Indian cities – including Chandigarh – have been disastrous.

Chandigarh for instance has 70 km of cycling tracks, but most of it is ill-maintained. The authorities keep coming out with plans to encourage cycling, including giving out bikes on rent. However, most cyclists avoid the tracks as they are riddled with potholes and even huge craters.

Many local bodies in India spend money on building cycling tracks, but very soon hawkers encroach on the path. Motorcyclists and auto-rickshaws also use the tracks. This is evident in cities such as Pune, which was once the cycling capital of India.