Mercedes launches S Guard


Mercedes-Benz India has unveiled a new luxury limousine. Named the 'S Guard', this car comes with integrated protection. According to Mercedes, the S Guard follows a long and unique tradition of large, armoured, prestige limousines from Mercedes-Benz and encompasses cumulative experience of 80-plus years of manufacturing vehicles with factory-integrated special protection.

Positioned at the top of the Mercedes-Benz guard range of special protection vehicles, this car comes powered by a twelve-cylinder bi-turbo engine with a displacement of 5513 cubic centimetres and an output of 380 kW/517 hp with an impressive 830 Nm of torque.

The suspension and basic vehicle structure have been modified to guarantee the long-term overall stability of the vehicle. The modifications also provide a solid foundation for the integration of the heavy special-protection elements.

The new Mercedes-Benz S Guard offers its passengers extremely effective protection from external situations. Its Highest Protection status means that it has been engineered to resistance level B6/B7, as tested and certified by international organisations. Its armour resists military-standard small-arms projectiles and provides protection against fragments from hand grenades and other explosive charges. Additional safety features include run-flat tyres, a self-sealing fuel tank and a fire-extinguishing system.

In order to ensure that the vehicle offers outstanding protection, specialists with many years of experience in this field apply the principle of integrated special protection to the limousine. In effect this means that, rather than retro-fitting the protective elements in the doors, rear wall, side panels, roof lining and firewall etc. of an already finished vehicle, they fully integrate them into the bodyshell in a dedicated production process. This effectively creates a coat of armour around the entire passenger cell. Even the roof frame struts, door locks, door gaps, exterior mirror mountings and other components are incorporated into this security concept. The resulting vehicle offers hallmark Mercedes-Benz build quality combined with comprehensive Highest Protection characteristics, even in those areas where retrofitting would be all but impossible.

A further advantage of integrated special protection is that the protective features actually reinforce the body structure rather than exerting extra strain. In addition, Mercedes-Benz' integrated design approach means that any body-structure reinforcements required due to the weight of the protective elements are integrated right from the very start. The result is extraordinary longevity and the same exceptional quality all round that distinguishes Mercedes-Benz standard-production models.

All Mercedes-Benz Guard models display the same outstanding ride comfort and effortlessly superior handling as their series-production counterparts. Furthermore, generously dimensioned suspension components and brakes ensure that their handling qualities are almost identical to those of the standard production models, thus giving the driver an optimal driving feel with high dynamic reserves at all times. The chassis is also designed to provide hallmark Mercedes ride comfort despite the extra weight.