Mercedes-Benz to expand to semi-urban cities in India


Mercedes-Benz India Limited managing director and CEO Peter T. Honegg, said it is set to enter two and three tier cities soon and aims to sell close to 50 units per year in those markets.

Honegg was speaking on the sidelines of a media interaction arranged by the company on the managing director’s completion of a 100 working days. Honegg also shared the company’s future plans regarding how it would consider further expanding its current portfolio and introducing more offerings in diesel versions as there is a demand for the same.


Though the company has not zeroed in yet on which newer markets it will explore, officials said, it will look at on an average 7-10 tier II and III cities in a year for 3-5 years. The luxury car maker recently announced opening of its financial arm. When asked about whether or not it will have an impact on sales he said, “It is too early to say what kind of an impact will it have on the sales figure. But, all I can say is that doing things in-house is better than dealing with different companies. Though it will be difficult to compete with banks, through internal business we can offer an array of service packages.”