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Mercedes-Benz ML starts at Rs 66 lakh



Mercedes Benz India launched the much awaited ML SUV today. The ML is Mercedes' take on a luxury SUV. The previous generation ML was pretty popular in India and sold almost 1500 units before it was replaced by the current one.

With the new ML, Mercedes hopes to bite into a considerable chunk of market share from the Audi Q7 and Range Rover. At launch, the ML will be available with just one engine option, a 3.5L, 258bhp, V6 turbo diesel capable of hitting a tonne in 7.4s and having a top whack of 224kmph.

The car is bigger than the one it replaces, also more powerful, but efficiency levels should still be high considering the inclusion of start-stop which reduces fuel consumption and emissions- by automatically switching off the engine at a traffic light.

An Active Parking Assist system integrated with Parktronic claims to park the car all by itself. We're gonna have to test that properly to verify if it actually works in Indian conditions. The ML also comes with a safety feature called ATTENTION ASSIST that alerts the driver on detection of drowsiness on longer trips. That's something we hopefully WON'T need to test.

If you're interested, you might wanna hurry up a bit. Mercedes is offering an AMG Body kit on the first 200 cars or so that will be imported as CBU's and will be priced at Rs. 66 lakhs. After the first crop of cars have been sold, a 2nd edition will be provided which will be assembled from a CKD and will be priced at 56.9 lakhs.