Mercedes-Benz launches CGI technology


Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its roadmap for gasoline engine technology in India. “The CGI technology heralds a new era in gasoline engines with improved output, optimized consumption and even more impressive emission statistics” commented Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bharat Balasubramanian, Vice President Product Innovations & Process Technologies, Group Research & Advanced Engineering, Daimler AG, speaking to media persons at the launch event. The C 200 CGI makes its India debut with the new CGI technology.

What is it?

* This new technology CGI engine is the first one-of-its-kind in the world to use sophisticated petrol direct-injection engine with spray guided combustion process. CGI engines use sophisticated piezo-injectors (also seen on the F700 DiesOtto concept)

* Mercedes-Benz has replaced the previous 4-in-line petrol engine with the world's first spray-guided direct petrol injection and chosen to move over to direct-injection technology for its petrol engines.

* The engine has four catalysers and a series of in-engine measures mean that as well as meeting all current legislation,


What is the main advantage?

* Lies in the stratified operating mode from which it takes its name. In this mode the engine is run with high excess air and thus excellent fuel efficiency. Now, thanks to multiple injection, it is for the first time possible to extend this lean-burn operating mode to higher rpm and load ranges too.

* During each power stroke, a series of injections takes place, spaced just fractions of a second apart. This has the effect of significantly improving mixture formation, combustion and fuel consumption.


How does it Help?

* From a cold start up, the exhaust temperature can now increase dramatically, ensuring maximum efficiency straight away

* The engine’s innovative injection procedure makes for much better fuel and thermodynamic efficiency than the wall-guided combustion process previously employed with direct injection.


How does it work?

* A pair of closed-loop three-way catalytic converters are joined by two NOX storage catalysers to remove exhaust gases and turn harmful oxides of nitrogen into harmless nitrogen.

* In brief: Optimized combustion engines. CGI (stratified charge gasoline injection). Second- generation gasoline direct injection systems ensure optimal fuel utilization, thereby generating fuel economy potential. Here, fuel is sprayed around the spark plugs in the shape of a hollow cone, which enables precise fuel dosages and thus optimized combustion.

* Detailed explanation: Among the most important components of this innovative direct petrol injection system are the fast-acting piezoelectric injectors. They have nozzles which open outwards to create an annular gap just a few microns wide. This gap shapes the fuel jet and produces a uniform, hollow-cone-shaped spray pattern. The microsecond response times of the piezoelectric injectors provide the basis for delivering multiple injections per power stroke, and thus for lean-burn operation. By allowing flexible and efficient control of the combustion process they play a key part in ensuring the engine's outstanding fuel efficiency.


C 200 CGI Engine

* The C-Class points the way: the power plant at work under the bonnet of the C 200 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY sedan is a newly developed four-cylinder direct-injection unit with 137 kW/186 hp and a five-speed automatic transmission as standard. This engine makes do with 11.74kilometres / litre. CO2 emissions are 201 grams per kilometre. This is some 7 percent less than the figure for the previous four-cylinder Kompressor engine technology (131 kW/178 hp) with conventional fuel injection

* The new C 200 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY is a new feather in the cap to this successful model series. With the new petrol engine, Mercedes-Benz shows that frugal consumption and high output – and with them both environmentally-friendly driving and driving pleasure – can be mutually compatible.