McLaren P1 Official Photos


The white coats at McLaren have been busy. What with the deadline being the Paris motor Show (which happens to be the first international auto show that the company has appeared in) next week and the task being the firm's next supercar, the work schedule must be super hectic.

And now, McLaren has released a set of official photos of the car, which to say the least, has styling that is sharp, unconventional and definitely very, very controversial. You see, edgy styling is of the sort that can be generally classified in the 'love it or loathe it' category. There enough shapes and slashes all of the place to induce epileptic shock to some, but the company says that the new car, called the P1, is the 'result of 50 years of racing and road car heritage'. And oh boy, we won't argue with that one!



McLaren has also gone on to state that the goal of the P1 might not necessarily be to be the fastest in terms of top speed, but instead, being the quickest and the most involving car, be it on the road or track, is of utmost importance. It is claimed to be a well rounded car that is lithe, exciting and dripping with technological advancement.

Although McLaren hasn't divulged any tech specs yet and we will have to wait till the P1 makes its debut in Paris to know more in that respect, we're of the view that the company knows how to make cars and we'll just go with what they say till we actually drive one ourselves!

What we do know, however, is that the P1 will go into production late next year and will be positioned above the 12C and the 12C Spider in terms of pricing and performance. Stay tuned for more on this car...