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Mazda Takeri concept to be unveiled at Geneva


Mazda has always been known for making cars that are on the sportier side of the spectrum but lately they’ve been on an eco-friendly kick. They’ve debuted a new range of technology, together called SKYACTIV, which aims to optimise various parameters of the car resulting in greater efficiency overall. It includes engines, transmissions, suspensions and brakes too.They sure do help out with reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy.

They’re also unveiling the Takeri sedan concept too which showcases the styling direction that future Mazdas may take. Smooth flowing design with a few sharp details thrown in there seems to be what they’re hinting at. The car comes with a Skyactiv D diesel engine, Skyactiv-drive transmission and an intelligent start-stop system. This concept also showcases their all-new regenerative braking system called i-ELOOP - no it doesn’t mean what you think it does. The car isn’t a hybrid, but it still makes good use of the energy recovered during braking to power the electrics of the vehicle, thus reducing the load on the engine.

Sharing the floor with the Takeri is the new CX-5 SUV. This is the first product to come out of Mazda wearing their Kodo design language. Since it comes with the full range of Skyactiv technologies from engines to chassis, it’s said to be a peppy car with great driving dynamics and frugal engines. Makes you wish Mazda made an entry to the Indian market, no?