Maruti's Auto GearShift sales cross 50,000 cars

Maruti's Celerio, was the first car to be offered with its Auto GearShift (AGS) transmission option in February last year. Over time, people warmed up to the convenience of an automatic gear shift transmission, which was easy on the wallet and didn't affect fuel-efficiency either. The ever increasing congestion on city commutes drove home the benefits even further, as people finally got a chance to do away with the clutch-first gear-neutral routine.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio diesel

Maruti too have been happy with the rising demand, as this key piece of customer friendly technology is only the beginning of more to come in the future. With the two-million sales target by 2020 looming up large, it is expected that Maruti Suzuki India will only go on to bank further on such technological conveniences.

Till date, over 50,000 people have opted for the Auto GearShift transmission in their cars, a milestone that's most encouraging for the manufacturer. Most of the sales have come in from people living in the Metros and tier-1 cities, where congestion on the roads is a major concern and commutes stretch into hours. Apart from the Celerio, Maruti also offers the AGS option in the Alto K10. As more and more people look for convenience in their cars,expect to see more such models from Maruti wearing the Auto GearShift badge.

Source : MotorOctane