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  Sunday, Nov 29, 2015
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Maruti Swift competition dissected
The new Maruti Suzuki Swift has some stiff competition. We do a status check
By : BSM Desk | Published : August 12, 2011 | Photos : BSM
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New Maruti Suzuki Swift
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Honda's other small car in the segment, the Jazz hasn't exactly set sales charts afire. In the two-odd years that it has been on sale, Honda have been averaging under 500 units a month, a number that Honda isn't very proud of. Last month, Honda made a one-time offer, dropping the price of the Jazz by up to Rs 1.75 lakh, thus getting rid of its stock and paving the way for the facelifted Jazz.

The facelifted Jazz is just that, a facelift. Apart from a new grille, revised front bumper and headlamps and touched up tail lamps and hatch apart, the rest of the car remains the same. On the inside, expect a few changes to the interior trim, the addition of USB and aux-in ports as standard and maybe, just maybe even Bluetooth on the top-end variant. The motor, gearbox and general running gear will be the same but we expect some work to be done on the rear suspension to improve ride quality even further.

What can be quite different this time is the price. Unlike the previous car, Honda may generally drop the price of the Jazz, the car could begin a shade over Rs 6 lakh, ex-showroom, Mumbai and go up to Rs 7 lakh. This would mean a significant drop of over a lakh of rupees, something the car could very well do with. The car will be launched on September 18 as we first reported and watch out for a full report on the car, post-launch.

Petrol: 1.2-litre, 89 bhp, 16.7 kpl (ARAI), Rs 5.99 lakh to Rs 7 lakh (Estimated, ex-showroom, Mumbai)

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  Posted by jayaprakash at 11th March,2012
i like to be in this website.
  Posted by vivek at 19th August,2011
After eagerly waiting for new swift, Yesterday I visited Maruti showroom to have a look at new Maruti swift. Surprised that causally looking car doesn't look any different from old one. Only when you specially look for changes in it, you find that backside has changed and it look slightly bigger than old swift overall. Then I had a look inside and to my surprise with all this hype, I didn't feel any significant improvements in interiors. I thought it is lower version but found out that it was VDI :( There was new silver trims done in interiors and steering but feels like somebody has just pasted it there to make it colorful and look bit cheap. I personally don't feel interior has improved from last swift, I will put them at same level. On the back seat leg space has improved from earlier but don’t expect much. Then I had a look at boot space and its less than old swift and it was disappointing for me that even after increasing length by 90 mm, only little addition as useful sp
  Posted by amol at 18th August,2011
good article, may be you could have included Beat.
  Posted by Dinkar at 17th August,2011
you have not included Ritz in this article. Appears to be incomplete as Ritz is the most peppy hatch on offer with good engine and gearbox from swift.
  Posted by vinisha at 17th August,2011
Well i even got to know that there is going to be a launch on facebook itself for the new Swift on its Official page. When it launches the user himself can launch the car. I am so looking forward for 12 o clock this noon. For those of you interested to see the launch of maruti Swift themselves visit
  Posted by shailendra kumar at 16th August,2011
if wagon R and Ritz sell despite the presence of swift then it should be compared with these two also.
  Posted by Velutha at 16th August,2011
Ritz? looks like you excluded two of the most sensible hatchbacks out of this
  Posted by Vipul at 16th August,2011
If you believe that the Puntos are better built that the Palios, then there isn't much you know about cars
  Posted by nimish jain at 15th August,2011
Let's wait and watch
  Posted by Velutha at 14th August,2011
  Posted by Jalaj at 13th August,2011
Vista Comes with 4 engine options not three :p n you have mentioned all four but stated only three, plz correct that.
  Posted by vishu at 12th August,2011
Hi How come no Ritz and jazz. Especially when Jazz refresh is due for release at a competitive price.Ritz anyway goes to Maruti's vallet. But given the fact that Ritz will be competiting at lower end of Premium compact cars. Maruti wants to posisition the Swift at the higher end of Premium compact car.
  Posted by mahesh at 12th August,2011
Well written,detailed comparo,well done BSM.
  Posted by drbnmandal at 12th August,2011
new swift is fully loaded with all features to rock on the road. hopefully bhagwatnarayan
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