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  Tuesday, Dec 01, 2015
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Maruti Suzuki SX4 vs Honda City - Rising sons
By : BSM Desk | Published : May 30, 2009
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The Suzuki looks larger than life and is a capable sedan indeed. It has a new-age, powerful engine and it is fun to drive. Getting in and out of the car is easy too thanks to near SUV dimensions! Visibility around corners is an issue though. The Honda City, on the other hand, remains the leader of the C-segment pack. The new version is sophisticated to look at, refined to drive and features i-VTEC engines across the board. Honda is also offering airbags and ABS in the top-end models – brilliant. Look, there is nothing much that the SX4 cannot do that the City can – but it is the manner in which the Honda goes about doing it that wins the game here. There was a time when Honda made excellent engines and fitted them to neutral, bland cars – but not any more. The new City is a capable car that can be driven peacefully as well as aggressively and at the end of the day it will assure 14 kpl. Again, the SX4 is a great effort from Maruti Suzuki and hence should be considered for its virtues (big car look, large boot, space and a new engine). But if you have the option of spending a little bit more, we would urge you to go for the new City. Our choice? Honda City.

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  Posted by Animesh at 18th February,2011
I don't know much about City but i can tell that SX4 is pure value for money. Driving SX4 is a pleasure... a true drivers car. One can feel the trill and power. if you can compromise on luxury A LITTLE go for SX4 (a little in bold). Otherwise waste 1.5 lacs or more on city.
  Posted by Rudra Prasad Das at 31st December,2010
maruti suzuki sx4 is more comfort and luxury.
  Posted by rppy at 3rd December,2010
i prefer sx4 its better not only engine wise but also ride and quality. the gear shift is better engine response is better and lots of features city has just name and thats all
  Posted by D.D.Rampurkar at 5th October,2010
I owned the Sx4 zxi since July'09 realyy great to drive having good comfort and stisfaction.
  Posted by karthikeyan at 15th July,2010
Maruti has been giving good products all the time and Sx4 is a great example. With such a huge size, higher ground clearance and big boot, Sx4 is sheer value for money.
  Posted by Ravinder Bhanot at 26th June,2010
I was very much impressed"lattoo" when i 1st saw SX4,moreover for the last 15yrs. we've been MARUTI SUZUKI loyals,probably that was the reason but my wife is adament that i buy HONDA CITY.Now i'm confused.Kindly suggest rather show me the way!
  Posted by RAVINDER BHANOT at 26th June,2010
Keeping in view that i drive mostly in city"CHANDIGARH"kindly suggest whether to buy HONDA CITY OR SX4?
  Posted by Sherin Kamath at 24th May,2010
I am interested in purchasing a new car by the end of this year. But i am confused between the new sx4 and the new honda city. Could you please advice, which car is better in preformance, space, value for money, economy & maintenence. Please advise.
  Posted by Prabhakar at 14th April,2010
I am a proud & satisfied owner of SX4 (2 yrs). It is comfortable, peppy, happy around corners and solid build. Honda is too pricey and people dont realize they are just paying for its snob value.
  Posted by ajay at 12th April,2010
Test drove the SX4 and was impressed with the performance of the car on highway & rough roads. Great features...great pricing. The downside being the interior space and plastic used. The music system provided could have been better. Overall a value for money car like all Maruti cars..!!
  Posted by taganabam at 14th March,2010
Sx4 is more VFM,with features like ACC,higher GC,higher profile tyres,larger overall dimensions and with the new VVT engine its frugal too.A winner out and out,vis a vis competetion with ANHC is concerned.Also ANHC is way overpriced here in India,compared to other markets like Thailand and US where they are almost equally priced.Too much premium for a!!!
  Posted by kabir at 8th February,2010
sx4 is just great for long drives, intercity traffic. It manages itself very nicely throught traffic. Very less strain to the driver when going on long distances. Its suspensions are great so you dont feel any jerks at all. Moreover SX4 has very good features like airbas, ABS, audio controls on steering
  Posted by kannan at 29th January,2010
I have been driving SX4 for the last 2 years, trust me this a wonderful car in terms of features, performance, speed, comfort and of course at a best price. On the highways its a pleasure to drive this car... mileage and ground clearance is very good ..compared with city sx4 is wonderful in its features and its performance.
  Posted by veerasena at 12th January,2010
compared with honda ciy,sx4 is a real value for money.sx4 is a machine bundled together excellent enjoy with sx4..
  Posted by Jojo George at 6th January,2010
Hi I own a SX4 ZXi on 2nd Dec2009. I have driven 1600 km. Now i cant say anything about the milage, other all specifications and price too I accepted and strongly recommend. Now i am getting 13km/Lt.
  Posted by MUTHU KANNAN at 19th December,2009
hi guys! sx4 zxi and vxi have good ground's very use for indian roads and very important for old age people to get in & out from the car comfortably!it is not easy possible in honda city
  Posted by kishore at 6th December,2009
own a 9 months old sx4 (zxi). I have driven only less than 4000 km. average milage is around 13+ (AC Always). Recently I drove around 400 km continously with 30 ltrs of Indane Xtrapremuim. Max. speed was 130 kmph and many times i was driving in lower gears (Those who drive through Kerala know the road conditions). Mileage of 15 ltrs may not be impossible on expressways.
  Posted by Hemant Yadav at 22nd November,2009
It's very true...I fully agree with this ari=tical on both of the cars. The Maruti SX4 is nice car but the Honda City is a perfect car. I love this Car. Hemant Yadav-made for good
  Posted by gaurav at 28th September,2009
sx4 as a great sedan with the best in class milage, ground clearence(needed in the roads of delhi). on the other hand city has agood look but has got a body out of tin (one can imagine if a 1.6l engine delivers a milage of 18kmpl the has got to be extremly light). well my choice SX4..
  Posted by Prashant Shende at 9th September,2009
I feel that City & SX4 both are nicecars. When we look at money factor - SX4 is surely a winner. As far as I am concerned, my rejection to City was for Ground clearance as major. Also, thing to note about SX4 milage I took a test & result was 12.8 km / Ltr. Well I was Happy with SX4 as valuefor money bundle. Otherwise, Honda is also a good choice. Happy Motoring.
  Posted by Man at 26th June,2009
Hi, I completely agree with this article as i have purchased new honda city last week and believe me its a dream come true with excellent mileage (atleast 14 with A/C), performance, engine and i must say that its far better than SX4 in every aspect specially looks... but i know the car we own seems to be the best....
  Posted by Vj at 3rd July,2009
  Another Indian fooled by Honda.In this country anything sells when buyers have very little idea about cars and only talk about mileage. For 1.50 lakhs additional you can calculate the fuel I can fill for maybe three years plus the money I save on spares.Honda was crap and remains so.
  Posted by Shib at 18th June,2009
Very true Vj, Honda is damm overpriced and I am not able to justify myself buying a Honda even if i am able to afford one. One has other options like the fun-to-drive Fiesta or the well-packaged Linea. Honda overpricing has boiled over to the Jazz too... lets hope that Honda gets the heat and comes back to realistic pricing!
  Posted by Vj at 20th June,2009
  Shib, If you are looking at this segment , I guess the SX4 ZXI and Fiat Linea or Fiesta are very good buys.I have decided on NOT BUYING a HONDA product till they offer value for money cars.I pay for features and not for the name.SX4 ZXI is a way better car for Indian roads than any Tom, dick, and city.BSMOTORING please look at car owners interests rather than promoting products which do not justify themselves.
  Posted by Vj at 17th June,2009
Hi, I am an owner of SX4 and completely disagree with your views.You dont pay a little bit more but a lot more for city with same features.The disgusting aspect is that Honda and Toyota cars in India are extremely overpriced and people like BSMOTORING only harp about them and do nothing more.City is not value for money at all and that is a fact.
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