Maruti Suzuki launches limited edition A-Star Aktiv


The Maruti Suzuki A-Star is a pretty nice car in its own right. It's not like your typical small car though, the A-Star is primarily an export model aimed at the European market. So it's got a pretty good set of features and comes with a good bit of safety built in as well.

Now, to attract more youth to the car, Maruti Suzuki has launched a limited edition of the A-Star called the A-Star Aktiv. In typical limited edition fashion, this car features a whole slew of changes, both exterior and interior, that set it apart from the normal A-Star. On the outside, the picture up there speaks for itself, the car comes with a new decal job all around the car. Red seems to be the theme of this car as it's got red ORVMs, bumpers, spoiler and other pieces of trim adorned in that colour.

Inside, theres the ususal upgrades like new seat covers, steering wheel cover, floor mats, parcel tray at the back and door sill guards. On top of all of this, the Aktiv also gets keyless entry as standard.

Interested? The A-Star Aktiv is Rs 14,990 over the price of a standard A-Star VXi or VXi Auto. So head to your nearest Maruti Suzuki dealer and get your order in.