Maruti Suzuki Ertiga crossover concept at IIMS



India isn't the only market where Suzuki has tasted success with the Ertiga. Hot on the heels of the launch of their first proper MPV in our country, Suzuki followed it up by launching the vehicle in Indonesia where it has been a raging success. To the extent that the plant at Gurgaon where the Ertiga is produced for India and Indonesia can't match their demand either.

To keep interest alive in the brand, Suzuki has shown a crossover concept of the Ertiga at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) that is currently on in Jakarta. More in tune with possibly showing a kind of kit that's could be made available at the dealer end, it sports a pretty impressive body kit.

What is gets is a unique honeycomb grille, a new larger air dam and revised front bumper with black side skirts and front lip, new LED lamps and roof runners as well as a double-top exhaust.

While this is a one-off that could make it to the dealerships in Indonesia in the coming months, the possibility of such a kit making it to India can't be ruled out. Plus it gives other kit makers ideas of what they could possibly execute for their own designs.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian market is up for an automatic version of the Ertiga. It will most likely borrow the same four-speed automatic from the Dzire that's sold in India and will be mated to the 1.4-litre K Series petrol engine. The possibility of making it to the Indian market in the coming months can't be ruled out either.